International businessman and multi millionaire philanthropist, Chris Akuzuruahu (Eze Mmuo) has disclosed his intentions to establish a solar plant and an organized commuter transport system fashioned after the commuter transport system in Germany in Umuaka. Eze Mmuo, a widely traveled businessman and investor hinted on the project in an interview with Umuaka Times in Lagos about two months ago.

According to the businessman, the paper works for these projects have already been signed and perfected between one of his companies and the foreign partners from Germany.

The solar plant will mainly focus its activities on research, sales, training and the assembling of devices that will be solar powered. Eze Mmuo also confirmed to Umuaka Times that the solar plant when completed will go into full business operations with both the private and public sector establishments across the country.

On the transport outfit, he told Umuaka Times that the headquarters of the commuter transport system will be in Umuaka. According to him, the transport system will be exactly how it is obtained in Germany and other parts of developed economies across the world. There will be several departments and most of the activities of the firm will be computerized when this project is completed. This project according to Eze Mmuo, will be first of its kind in West Africa.

Unlike what is obtained in Nigeria today in terms of salary structures in the private sector, Umuaka Times gathered from Eze Mmuo that workers in these firms will be paid adequately and most of them will be Akalites.

Eze Mmuo used the opportunity to condemn the attitude of many successful Igbo businessmen and women who are in the habit of establishing their businesses outside Igbo land, thereby developing foreign lands to the detriment of their homeland.


  1. This guy is a real definition of philanthropist.

    May Chiukwuokike keep him and guide him to do more for his people ndi Umuaka and ndi Igbo in general.


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