Mr Chukwuemeka Ohanekwu from Obeakpu in Umuaka recently received his award of honour as one of the 20 Most Outstanding Philanthropists in Umuaka. When Umuaka Times visited his country home in Obeakpu, he was away on a business meeting in Owerri but he had also instructed his daughter, Stella Ohanekwu to receive the award on his behalf.

While presenting the award to Miss Stella Ohanekwu, she was very pleased that her dad was recognized by Umuaka Times and conveyed her dad’s heartfelt happiness to Umuaka Times over the award. She told Umuaka Times that she would work hard to be the first Umuaka girl to win such an award by the year 2020.

She further promised to work hard for the community in order to secure this honour to herself and family.



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