Following the success of the intervention program to sensitize the people of Uba by the Rachael Nwanyiomeole Iwuoha Foundation which began this week, prominent Uba people both home and abroad have respectively expressed their happiness and support for the kind gesture initiated  by the Iwuoha Brothers.


Dr Albert Okunwa, an American based attorney, was the first to thank the Iwuoha Brothers and went further to raise some concerns. “I need more facts to be able to give an educated opinion in this matter. Generally, funding a three-week “public announcement and sensitization program in Uba”, sounds good and commendable. However, my concern is how the foundation is going to execute the program? Is it going to be: (1.) By radio/TV announcements or newspaper publications; (2.) By using local town criers to beat the metal gong around the community; or (3.) By inviting qualified medical experts to address our people at Hilltop Primary School or St Mary’s etc?) From my examples above, you can see that No 1. may not achieve the purpose since many people neither own radio/TV, nor listen to them often. My No 2. will probably succeed without exposing our people to COVID-19, AS No 3. Definitely will likely do. …assuming qualified personnel are used. So, my take at this point, (without more facts) is that it would be a good idea to sensitize our people on the dangers of COVID-19 and the recommended measures to prevent exposure to the disease and its spread…. But the methods/personnel used to carry out the program could be counter-productive if not properly handled. Thanks for your consultation. Dr Albert Okunwa. [USA].”

When Umuaka Times explained to Dr Okunwa that a public announcement outfit has been contracted by the foundation to do the job, he commended the method because of its no risk nature.

Music maestro Sonex Oguike was so happy over the intervention program to the extent that he went further to describe the president of the foundation Mr Goddy Iwuoha as his “twin brother.” In his words, Sonex said, “It’s just a healthy and welcome idea to embark on such a pro life venture. Anyone who invests on these kind humanitarian and life saving programs is really demonstrating the biblical God’s love for humanity and God will richly reward him abundantly. I salute the family of Iwuoha especially Mazi Goddy Iwuoha, my twin brother who has a character and mission of helping people in need.”

Sonex Oguike ended his message with a warm greeting to Umuaka Times for initiating the program.

Kano State based Chief Marcel Duruchukwu, the Akajiugo 1 of Umuaka described the role by the foundation as beautiful! “May God continue to bless them. Our people need to know all about the virus especially how to avoid being infected and what to do if one is infected. Covid19 is deadly as we have all seen the devastation it is causing in Italy.”

Dr Uche Oguike, a UK based medical practitioner was very happy to read about the intervention by the Iwuoha Brothers. He wrote, “Obviously, it is a welcome development. Any measure that will help to protect our people and keep them safe will be encouraged. The organizers should make sure that the message being passed has been quality assured and derives from evidence based best practices. It must not be in conflict with the message being communicated by the World Health Organization, Federal Government and other relevant national and international agencies. I welcome it and thank the Foundation for it. Kudos to Iwuoha family.”

Barrister Chinwe Agams, an Abuja based legal practitioner described the intervention as excellent news and a welcome example of community mobilization in the face of a global pandemic.

Paschal Okey Onwukwe popularly known as Ala thanked the foundation and described the intervention by the foundation as a good idea.



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