Despite the ban on social gatherings in Imo State and some other states in Nigeria due to the Covid19 pandemic, Umuaka Times observed with dismay that the famous Afor Umuaka Market was full to its capacity as usual on Saturday  11 April last week. Many people from other towns in the state, where markets are currently undergoing a shutdown, were happy to find their way to Afor Umuaka Market where they had free entry and exit as they ran their different businesses.

A security expert in Umuaka who did not want his name in print, cautioned that if this is not checked and further replay of what happened last week arrested, the Covid19 crisis may find an in-depth expression in the community and devastate many families. There is also the issue of some Akalites who still argue that the dreaded Covid19 pandemic is a scam by politicians to loot public funds and deceive the people. The persons who hold this view in Umuaka are especially the youths, Umuaka Times observed, are in the habit of laughing at those who wear face masks and carry hand sanitizers in their pockets.

Some of the NUPI sensitization volunteers met some of these Akalites last week in the cause of their duty. There is also another set of Akalites who believes that the Coronavirus pandemic is a disease that exclusively affects and infects only the rich. In the conviction of this set of persons, as far as they are not among the rich, the disease has nothing to do with them.

These is also another set of persons who believes that the coronavirus is not for them because of their faith in God. These persons, especially Akalites will also claim to you that the infection can never get to their doorsteps because of their believe in God. For this controversial religious convinction, they refuse to follow the precautionary measures and standards aimed at halting the spread of the virus.

A good number of these persons Umuaka Times gathered, is the group that will always keep the Afor Umuaka Market busy as usual as if no ban was in place. The security expert who spoke with Umuaka Times also called on the police to enforce and ensure that the market does not hold in the coming weeks.



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