Reports reaching Umuaka Times from far away United States of America have it that a prominent Akalite who is a resident of East coast has died of complications arising from Coronavirus. The man who is said to be related to one of the royal fathers in Umuaka  died in a hospital while receiving treatment for the virus.

As at press time, Umuaka Times could not confirm the authenticity of this report as no organization representing the interest of Umuaka people and others such as the umbrella union of Akalites in the United States and the Orlu General Assembly have issued a report to this effect.

In line with the behavior of Coronavirus, when someone is afflicted with the infection, there is a high likelihood that the fellow’s close contacts may most likely contract it. This also raises some serious concerns about the immediate family members, friends and associates of the Umuaka index case in far away America.

More reports will emerge as events unfold.



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