A Consultant Gynecologist & a Public Health Physician Dr Kingsley Obioha has raised an alarm on the rate the Coronavirus pandemic is spreading in the whole of South East Nigeria. Dr Obioha who spoke with the Umuaka Times correspondent in Enugu regretted that the relaxation of the lockdown measures by the Federal and state governments across the nation is already misunderstood by many as the end of the Covid-19 infections and they have therefore, gone back to their normal lifestyles.

From his observations, Dr Obioha told Umuaka Times that many people who have refused to go for tests have so far shown some signs and symptoms of the covid-19 infection, and have been infecting others as well. “Even some who went for test and came out positive resulted to safe medications at their various homes.”

Umuaka Times gathered from Dr Obioha that many people who manifest with symptoms of the disease are yet to be tested and some people who tested positive are reluctant to follow their treatment guidelines.


On the number of cases released by the NCDC on daily basis, Dr Obioha remarked that the number released daily is even less than the realities on the ground because many people are asymptomatic while some sympathetic ones have bluntly refused to go for testing.

“The bad news is that South East is a high risk area and the people really don’t care. It is disappointing that even as people are dying daily from the disease, our people are still doubting the existence of this dangerous disease. I pray this ends soon because the carelessness of our people, coupled with the raining season, I smell danger ahead.”

in his conclusion, Dr Obioha strongly advised the South Easterners to always wear their face masks and observe all the rules to prevent the Covid19 infection.



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