Igwe Nollywood, high profile film actor, journalist and ace MC, Mr Nzekwesili Vitalis Ndubuisi was officially introduced to Umuaka Times last week. In a social media conversation between Umuaka Times and the popular Nollywood guru who was Umuaka Times Actor of the Year 2019, Mr Ndubuisi displayed his love and appreciation to the online newspaper when he was presented with the website of the newspaper.

Ndubuisi, an old boy of High School Umuaka urged the publishers of Umuaka Times to expend their coverage and reportage to other neighbouring towns within the locality such as Ekwe, Amandugba, Amurie, Orodo, Umundugba, Okwudor and more. “Make Umuaka Times to be the mouthpiece of other communities as well because no one is an island,” Ndubuisi said.

Speaking from his location outside the country, Mr Ndubuisi equally said that the communities within the axis of Umuaka communities, have the same culture and use a lot of things in common.”For that, Umuaka Times will be a viable vehicle to project the image of our people.”


Since Umuaka Times came into existence by July 2019, it has been doing its best in covering the events at other communities. The name Umuaka Times, is not exclusive to only Umuaka events as New York Times, Sunday Times of London, Los Angeles Times are not exclusive to their people respectively.

Mr Vitalis Ndubuisi is from Ekwe community and he has acted in over 70 films since he made the debut in 1992 with Living in Bondage.


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