May 18, 2021

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Owerri attacks: Imo govt informed a week before mayhem.

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According to the reports Umuaka Times monitored last week, the Imo State Government was alerted a week before attacks were carried out.

Former Assistant Director of the Department of State Services (DSS), Mr Dennis Amachree made this known to the public that his agency officially informed the state government  about the impending doom that was about to befall the state.

The DSS boss told Channels Television that the police failed to do its duties well after it was informed about the attacks a week before the D-Day. Hear him:

“There is enough intelligence, enough actionable intelligence. Actionable in the sense that it allows for space for people to execute it. One week ahead of this particular event, of course, 72 hours before the event and then of course 48 hours before the event.

“Three times the Nigeria police was informed by the DSS that this is going to happen. Some suspects that are being relocated around the area were found surveiling the prisons and the police headquarters.

“But you know in our lackadaisical way when the intelligence will come they throw it by the side and then of course when something happens, everybody runs around.

“I listened to the governor’s speech. He is correct in the sense that there is an investigation still going on very sure he is very aware of some of the root causes and the people that are involved because I know that the security agencies are feeding him with reports as they go along,” The DSS boss said.


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