December 3, 2023

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How Akalites stormed America for Sanctus Orgazi’s wedding.

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Saturday June 11 2022 was a great day Akalites in America will not be in a hurry to forget. On this eventful day, high profile Akalite, human rights and pro democracy advocate, Dr Sanctus Orgazi took his wife Judith to the altar of God for matrimonial solemnization. This event which attracted both the rich and the poor living in the United States and beyond, was held at the prestigious St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church located at 11 Paula Road, McKinney, Texas United States of America. The time of the church service which was fixed at 12 midday was also remarkable as several guests had already seated in the church auditorium before the official commencement of the Mass service.

The atmosphere in the church suddenly changed when Dr Sanctus Orgazi, his wife and others in the bridal train entered into the church auditorium for the real deal. A fellow who witnessed it all told Umuaka Times that it was that time that the Holy Spirit descended upon the church. The wedding which was the second event marking the three day program lined up by Dr Orgazi and his wife did not take the officiating reverend father enough time to conduct and successfully pronounce the couple husband and wife.

When the church service came to an end, many Akalites and their friends who came as special guests literally converted the event into almost Umuaka Day celebration and a reunion of Akalites in the States. Friends, guests and well wishers of the couple took enough time to exchange phone numbers and snap pictures together. Umuaka Times correspondent in America confirmed that since the Covid19 pandemic hit the United States, the sons and daughters of Umuaka living in America had not had such an opportunity to see and celebrate with each other. The wedding of Dr Sanctus Orgazi and his wife Judith, provided the enabling environment needed to show and demonstrate the nostalgic feelings among his guests, especially Akalites who saw the event as a rallying point to pull effects once again and to thank God for saving them from the dreaded Covid19 pandemic. There was never a dull moment among the guests.

Dr Sanctus Orgazi and his wife were also very busy accepting greetings and pleasantries from several guests who came to grace the event. Professional photographers, cameramen, Umuaka Times reporters and others were seriously on duty, snapping and video recording every segment of the event.

After the photo sessions and exchange of pleasantries, the guests moved to the Elegance Ballroom & Events Center for the “never-before-seen-lavish reception”. There was nobody who acted as the chairman of the event but Dr Bernard Nwaiwu, another US based attorney of Umuaka extraction, was named the sponsor of the wedding, the moment the reception kicked off. Several personalities who flew in from outside Texas and those who flew in from Canada, United Kingdom and Nigeria were all seated together and catching their fun in diverse ways.

According to the observations by Umuaka Times, the wedding reception of Dr Sanctus Orgazi and his wife Judith was a non-stop party which lasted for three days, the last being the “ikpu isi ewu which as held at the residence of Sanctus Orgazi. The reception was a first class event which indeed met up with the demands and characteristics of an international event of today. The guests were all elegantly dressed. Those who wore native attires and those who dressed corporately really lavished thousands of dollars on their attire. Glamour, razzmatazz and style took centre stage of the reception.

Trust Umuaka women in the United States who attended the event. They did not only literally turn the occasion into a fashion parade but went further to create the impression which suggested a search designed to locate the 50 most fashionable Umuaka women in America! Those who missed their flights to the historic wedding of Attorney Sanctus Orgazi and his wife and those who could not attend due to some reasons really missed a lot provided during the reception.



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