December 7, 2022

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Sanctus Orgazi’s Bachelor’s Eve of Fun.

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Sanctus Orgazi, motivational speaker, orator, youth activist and US based attorney was at the centre of an epoch making solemnization of matrimonial union which took place from June 10 to June 12, 2022 in Texas. The event which dramatically turned out to assume the image of an international get-together event of Akalites across the globe kicked off on Friday June 10, 2022 after more than 6 months of intensive planning.

On the eventful night, Friday June 10, 2022, several young Akalites had arrived from across the world to celebrate with the young Nigerian attorney in a night show some guests have tagged an Evening With Sanctus Orgazi. Several Akalites in their youthful years and above, started arriving at the event centre located inside Element Hotel, Westin 2205 N. Glenville Drive, Richardson, TX 75082 on time while others arrived some hours later. In no small time, guests have all occupied several strategic places in the hotel where most of them displayed deep affections for their relations whom they have not seen since the Covid19 lockdown and restriction relaxation.

When the Umuaka Times American correspondent arrived at the venue, he could not concentrate on his duty because of the number of familiar faces he met at the event. Friends and well wishers of Attorney Sanctus Orgazi and his wife Judith were all over the place, holding social talks about Nigeria and America. Some of them at the pre-wedding party and bridal show were friends who came from several countries across Europe, African and the Americas. All of a sudden, the guests practically converted the party into a big reunion of families and friends and the fun was raised to the power 100. Vin Duru, a university donbased in the States, who also attended the event told Umuaka Times that the occasion afforded him the opportunity to see many people he had not seen in the last 20 years and beyond.

Umuaka Times confirms that the bachelor’s eve had all forms of activities and fun both in high demand and supply; there was an inestimable supply of music, suya, roasted yam, groundnuts and assorted drinks. Those who so much love suya described the event as “suya night” while those who so much love yam told Umuaka Times that the event could pass for a new yam festival. These supplies and more, were also made available during the reception.

Late into the dead hours of the night, the party had refused to come to an end. Guests were so much thrilled by music and the togetherness the event recorded, to the extent that none of them wanted to retire to his or her hotel room to prepare for the main event. When Attorney Sanctus Orgazi noticed this, he had to appeal to the guests to retire to their hotel rooms and prepare for the main event in few hours time. The fun the event provided made the appeal by Orgazi to fall on deaf ears.

When eventually the party came to an end, the guests left for their hotel rooms while some “diehard Akalites” still hanged around drinking and recounting memories of several years past. Every part of the planning and the events that took place during the event tagged An Evening With Sanctus Orgazi was remarkably successful.



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