June 24, 2021

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At the wake keep of Mrs Cordelia Nwanyanwu.

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Thursday May 13, 2021 was the day the burial rites of the late Mrs. Lolo Ezinne Cordelia Nwanyanwu (nee Ahumaraeze) began. On that date, the children of the deceased had made every arrangement that would ensure a smooth transition of their mother to eternity. Many guests, family friends, relations and others had gathered at night to pay their last tribute to the woman who was known for her unending smiles, kindness and care for others. One of the early persons who arrived at the wake keep was the DJ who was supplying to the wake keepers a video of the birth and the death of Jesus Christ. The video which was done in Igbo language as a voiceover, really achieved its aim as most of the Christian women and men who gathered for the wake keep glued their eyes to the video.


An Umuaka Times reporter who visited the event recorded a heavy presence of several groups both from Amiyi Umuaka Autonomous Community, Isiozi Umuaka Autonomous Community and other parts of the town including those who came from another state within the South East Nigeria.

Groups like Umuada Amiyi, Ndiome  Duruigbo, Umuduruofor men and women as well as Obazi men and women were all represented and because of the good security arrangements put in place, there was no record of theft of anything that belonged to any of the wake keepers.

When it was time to sing and dance, almost all the women organizations that were present at the event had one song or another to render.


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