June 24, 2021

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Lolo Cordelia Nwanyanwu’s requiem Mass.

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As a part of the rites of passage for the late Ezinne Lolo Cordelia Chigereolum Nwanyanwu, her body was taken to the Catholic Church in Isiozi Umuaka known as St Peter’s Catholic Church. Although the officiating parish priest who conducted the requiem Mass started the Mass even before the motorcade carrying the remains of Ezinne Nwanyanwu would arrive for the requiem Mass. Few minutes after the priest started to celebrate the Mass, the motorcade arrived.

The church service began late and the priests who were celebrating the Mass, did not in any way want to waste more time. During the gospel, the priest whose gospel did not last more than 10 minutes extolled the virtues of the woman who was known for her full participations in several Church activities involving Christian mothers and more.

At the end of the Mass, Sir Victor Nwanyanwu, one of the children of the late Ezinne Nwanyanwu, spoke on behalf of the family in giving thanks and praises to God for a life well spent by his mother. He thanked all the people and organizations who made it to the Church for the requiem Mass despite their personal engagements and tight schedules. He also extended his vote of thanks to others who have stood behind the family since the death of  their mother was announced. He finally prayed that God will continue to bless and protect all the people who came to honour the woman of substance.

After this speech, the church service came to an end and the people went back to the Nwanyanwu family house for the final burial rites.

After a service of songs and some other rituals, the body of late Mrs Lolo Ezinne Cordelia Chigereolum Nwanyanwu  was lowered to the grave and the priest offered his final prayers and she was buried.

End of an era.


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