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What Would You Be Remembered For? By Charles Ogechukwu Onyenagorom.

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This is a Word from a patriotic Akatriot who is a leader in the Aka nation. It has always been a deeply rooted desire in me to really create an avenue that will showcase, motivate, challenge, and inspire leaders of the Akah Nation towards what would they be remembered for as leaders.


I choose these words for so many reasons, but utmost for the effect of reflection as in the words of the philosopher king “an unexamined life is not worth living”. It is the cumulative effects of the above listed desires that led to the birth of this literature.


Whichever way you see life, one fact remains, the human memory never forgets. People neglect their duties and leave bad memories. As you embrace your calling as a leader remember you would only be remembered for how much impact you made on your followers and humanity at large.


The sycophants last for a while. I once read an article that helped build and reshaped my thinking and cognitive domain, there’s something from it I would share with you. “Imagine yourself in your burial ceremony; what would you want your eulogy and epitaph to read? When you have figured it out, work on it”.


I guess we got the moral?


As a leader remember you owe posterity the best.


The Akah Nation is in dare need of qualitative and substantive change from retrogression of the past to a future of progress, I believe paradigm shift and the “new normal”  are the answer to the progress the Akah Nation has hoped for over the years.


The citizens of the Akah Nation are tired of broken promises. Akah Ebeiri wants a leader that will fix our land for good.


The Citizens of Akah Ebeiri are tired of leaders who are clueless about the best practices of modern society.


If you are a leader in the Akah Nation, think about what you would be remembered for.


Charles Ogechukwu Onyenagorom, a diplomat who holds a Bachelor’s degree in history and Master’s in business management, is the CEO of Delia Global Enterprise.




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