November 28, 2021

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“It is only atonement that will save Africa.” Lion Agwumezie.

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Charles Chinedu Lion Agwumezie is an Akalite who is based in the United States of America. As an attorney at law, he has read many books about revolutionary movements across the world and he has also studied the socio-economic and political backwardness that has affected Africa for over 50 years and above. The Lion is worried that if nothing is done, Africa will continue to be a heart of darkness. In this exclusive interview with Umuaka Times, he talks about his book, The Sins of Our Fore-Fathers and atonement for Africa. It is now 9 years since the book was published and Agwumezie who is popularly known as Lion strongly argues that atonement is the only saviour for Africa in order for her to rise from her slumbber.


 What inspired the book?

Judging from the socioeconomic, political and environmental degradation coupled with uncountable diseases, hunger, pestilence etc  plaguing Africa as a continent and Nigeria in particular despite its human and natural resources, any right thinking mind will ask the question what exactly is wrong with Africa. It is in trying to find out what is wrong with Africa that it occurred to me that the burden of Africa is not entirely bad governance but rather mixed with spiritual aspects of sins emanating from Africa’s involvement with the sales of their own blood into slavery. This singular act of greed and selfishness must be atoned for in other for Africa to move forward.

 Any impact made by the book since you wrote it?

Following the publication, a lot of arguments are currently going on in various social media on same topic. America, UN and Europe have in recent past atoned and continue to atone for their involvement in slavery. Monuments have been erected in UN in New York to commemorate slavery. The only people that have ignored the consequences of slavery is Africa because of the foolishness of various African governments.

 Why did you choose such a catchy title for the book?

Honestly, it took sleepless nights to come up with the title for the book. It was like a dream I had that gave rise to the title.

So far what are the reactions of those who have read the book, especially those who reached out to you?

All my readers especially African Americans have fallen in love with the book. The book was not meant to rehash the story of slavery but rather brought a new dimension to solving century old problem of Africa. Hope my people would listen because for lack of knowledge our people will perish.

Are there some issues you would have added or removed from the book if you were to write it again?

Yes. Definitely there are certain issues especially with respect to the happenings in Arochukwu and Eri kingdoms that I am currently investigating but that will be on another book.

So do you really agree that we need to do atonement in Africa? If yes why?

It is only atonement that will save Africa unless they want to continue to wallow in diseases, pestilence, hunger and poverty. Mind you, it is not enough to say we have atoned for our sins, it must be genuinely expressed and practiced with all honesty.

So what is your final message to your readers?

The issues in this book is not for everyone. It is for the chosen few who with all honesty disavow corruption, bad governance and imbibe in yearly memorial and remembrance of all those that died as a result of this wickedness and inhumanity against fellow humans especially when it involves blood relationship. I recommend the book to anyone that seeks the soul and survival of Africa.

Are you aware that as our African forefathers were busy committing sins, it was the same in Europe etc?


1 thought on ““It is only atonement that will save Africa.” Lion Agwumezie.

  1. I have read Charlie Lion’s book a few times and have personally bought and brought many copies to share and distribute both here in the United States and in Africa. I believe it is a “must read” book. This book represents a watershed document that is leading the way to the reconciliation of Black American descendants of slaves with those who delivered us to the waiting ships in the Bight of Biafra and the Gulf of Guinea. Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade was an equal opportunity employer. It was a world economic system that literally founded “Wall Street”. Everybody got a piece of that pie, including the Africans who sold us wholesale to the traders and the traders who retailed us to the Americas. This movement of Reconciliation and Atonement is an idea whose time has finally come and Charlie Lion has entered into the kingdoms of this world where ever the Africans in the Diaspora can be found for such a time as this.

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