May 28, 2022

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Anniversary edition: Umuaka Times turns 1.

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Umuaka Times, the famous online newspaper that mainly celebrates the sons and daughters of Umuaka and others as well, has turned one. Umuaka Times was established by a new breed Akalite known as Darlington Ojy Onwukwe (Onye Ama Ama) in July 2019 to bring to limelight, the socio-political events that take place in Umuaka and beyond. Within a short period of time, the aim of celebrating and brining the events of Umuaka to the global map was achieved and the newspaper started to be read by high profile Akalites and others, especially those in Diaspora.

For over a period of one year, Umuaka Times has consistently published news reports and celebrated many people from the community especially those that have made and still making positive impact in the community and society at large.

In a press statement released by the publisher in view of the one year anniversary celebration, the publisher narrated how the newspaper suffered two serious financial wreckages by the end of July. According to him, the Covid19 fallout made the prices of commodities to rise, including the almighty US dollar. This, especially the US dollar affected the yearly subscription the newspaper had to pay to renew the website. With the rise in the yearly subscription rate and other “mmeshiri meshiri” plus “lekwe lekwe lekwe” brought together, tripled the amount of money the newspaper had to pay in order to remain relevant.

Just a week after the subscription renewal was achieved, the website was suspended by the hosting firm for reasons yet to be properly understood by the management of the newspaper. The suspension was yet another heavy financial burden the newspaper had to offset immediately.

“Thank God that we managed to overcome the problems and put the website back on track with more features and professional touch,” the publisher said.

The publisher who was full of joy, used the opportunity to thank all the friends of Umuaka Times who have contributed in one way or the other to see to the high standard of the newspaper.

The major thing that is still lacking in the newspaper according to the publisher is advertising. “People are very skeptical in bringing their goods and services for adverts,” he wrote in the press statement.

Also as a part of events to mark the one year anniversary, the management of the newspaper has decided to float a Whatsapp group to be known as Friends of Umuaka Times. This group will more or less serve as a feedback column etc for the news and events concerning the newspaper. Above this, the column will also serve as an academic supermarket where issues of deep intellectual substance will be discussed and x-rayed.


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