December 3, 2023

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Chief Dire builds house for the woman who lost daughter in robbery attack.

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On Tuesday 7 December 2021,little Chiemela Nnabuo, a nursery school pupil of God of Eleventh Hour Nursery School was woken up from her sleep by her widowed mother as early as 6am. As a little girl, the woman prepared her for school and dressed her up. As she was about to leave for school, she told her to always watch the two sides of the road before crossing. She took a look at her face, smiled and told her good bye. As Chiemela was about to leave, her mother drew her attention with a warning; “my daughter, immediately the school is over, please come back home.” The poor girl agreed and left for school.

Unknown to Chiemela’s mother and to her too, that was the final goodbye and they last time they would ever see. About 10 minutes after the poor innocent girl left the house, serious trouble began. Words came that armed robbers had invaded a POS centre in Afor Umuaka, robbed the POS operator and killed a motorcycle boy who was standing nearby. As the robbers were about to escape, a team of soldiers on patrol was passing by and sympathizers flagged down the vehicle and reported the incident to the patrol team. Immediately and without delay, the patrol team of soldiers gave the robbers a deadly chase.

                      The full view of the house.

Few minutes later, the dead bodies of Chiemela and about three others lay in the pool of their own blood. They have become the final victims of circumstance; stray bullets had struck them at the most sensitive and delicate parts of their bodies and killed them.

Chief Declan Ibezimako Dire (Aririeri Mba) who recently returned from the United States shortly after the incident, decided to pay a condolence visit to the family of little Chiemela Nnabuo. On getting there, Chief Dire could not comprehend the high level of poverty Chiemela’s mother who is a widow with some children to cater for was passing through. In his own words, “I broke down and wept after seeing the one room hut the poor widow was living in with her children.” Immediately, Chief Dire promised to build a house for the woman. In less than 3 weeks, Chief Declan Ibezimako Dire (Aririeri Mba) had almost completed a 3 bedroom flat for the poor woman and her children.

Mrs Adaku Nnabuo, the mother of the late little Chiemela Nnabuo.

When Umuaka Times team together with the Aririeri Mba team, visited Mrs Adaku Nnabuo, the mother of little Chiemela Nnabuo, the Umuaka Times team could not hold back tears as well. Many villagers came out to welcome the two teams but it was so difficult for the teams reciprocate with sound reception. A pastor who was passing by, came to pray for Aririeri Mba after noticing whom he was.

The two teams were then taken to the house of the oldest woman in the neighbourhood in Umuakachi  Isiozi, Madam Matrida Nwaikwu for blessings. The old woman was very happy to welcome the team. She prayed for Aririeri Mba also. The youths of the community who came out to witness what was going on took their time to thank Chief Declan Ibezimako Dire (Aririeri Mba 1 of Umuaka).

Pastor Mathew and some other villagers praying for Aririeri Mba.

In a brief interview with Umuaka Times, Chief Dire promised to complete the building as soon as possible. He further told Umuaka Times that he is building the 3 bedroom apartment for the poor widow to wipe away her tears over the killing of her daughter by a stray bullet.




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