December 7, 2022

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Dr Ikenna Egonu accuses Nigerian government of conspiracy against the Igbo.

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Yesterday Sunday, 27 December 2020, Dr Ikenna Egonu, a German based scholar and a top elite from Umuaka practically held his audience spell-bound while delivering his keynote address/lecture at the 18th Annual Memorial Lecture of the late Simon Okoro.

The event which took place at the famous Crusade Hall Umuaka had in attendance a top number of distinguished Akalites including Dr Austin Agbahiwe who was the chairman of the occasion, High Chief Eddy Ikwubuo, Chief Marcel Obiagwu, Mr Festus Okoro, Hon Louis Duru, Mr Chika Dike and Chief Tim Obiwuru etc.

When Dr Ikenna Egonu mounted the podium to deliver his lecture which was titled, Igbo Nation and the Principles of Self Determination; the Issues Involved, the hall had almost filled to its capacity and the guest lecturer practically took his time to catalogue some of the injustices the Igbo nation has suffered in the hands of the Nigerian government with its foreign collaborator which is the British government. Dr Egonu lamented that before the war, the Igbo were totally in charge of almost every government agency as well as the organized private sector across the country but today, the British government has conspired with successive Nigerian governments to suppress and marginalize the Igbo to their collective injury.

The guest lecturer fingered the South East politicians of Igbo extraction of supplying the rudiments the Nigerian government have held tenaciously to classify the Igbo as ordinary citizens of the country.  He told the audience that as far as the Nigerian government has refused to open the doors of co-existence, the emergence of Biafra is inevitable. Dr Egonu who was visibly angry as he was delivering his lecture, wondered deeply why no wharf in the whole of South East and South-South Nigeria does not function while it is a well known global fact that the Igbo are real businessmen.

Egonu outrightly dismissed the political gimmick by the enemies of the Biafra State that Biafra is landlocked enclave. He asked the audience to explain if living close to the seas and oceans of this world will guarantee riches, why is it that many countries that are not landlocked became rich.

Dr Egonu tasked Igbo politicians to sit up to their assignments and face the Igbo problems squarely. At the end of the lecture, a big ovation followed in appreciation of the lecture. The 2020 edition of the Annual Memorial Lecture of the late Simon Okoro foundation was a call for sober reflection for the Igbo both in and outside Nigeria.


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