December 3, 2022

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 Duruchukwu/Osuagwu honored by grand children with a unique oghu dance.

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The number of canopies, chairs, presence of police men and other security agents and VIPs as well as the arrangements made for the maiden edition of the Oghu cultural event by the  Duruchukwu Osuagbara Royal Family of Nduhu village Umuakpuru in Amiyi Akah in the old Umuaka community really indicated that a big Oghu show has been added to the long list oghu shows in the community.

According to Chief Julius Ezeta, the Ezenwata 1 of Amiyi Akah, the organization of the event did not only cost them a lot of money, it also cost them a lot of manpower and planning. He told Umuaka Times that he was happy that the project at last became a huge success as everything went successfully.

While planning the event, Umuaka Times gathered that Chief Ezeta invited all the best dancers he could lay his hands on in Umuaka to take part in the dance. He also made it a free dance, thereby declaring that any dancer would be entitled to all the “stage money” given to him while dancing by spectators. This declaration Umuaka Times learnt, served as a motivating factor that made the dancers to put in their best as planned as the big show was highly competitive.

The event which was under the chairmanship of Chief Louis Duru, former commissioner for Culture and Chieftaincy Affairs Imo State, was not only a success but it also made people realize the value and need to revive the oghu culture.

While speaking to Umuaka Times during the event, Mr Victor Osuagwu Duruchukwu, one of the grand sons of the Duruchukwu family, told Umuaka Times that this was indeed the first time the royal family was hosting an Oghu event in honour of their great grandfather Nze Duruchukwu. According to him, Nze Duruchukwu was a real man who achieved a lot during his life time and was ordained with a lot of Igbo sacred chieftaincy positions. For that, “we the families left behind decided to accord him with this special honour today.”

The Oghu Duruchukwu event according to Mr Victor Osuagwu Duruchukwu promises to be yearly.

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