February 29, 2024

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Emmanuel Ahanotu launches scholarship program in honour of mum.

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The famous Amiyi Akah born engineer and a US based philanthropist, Emmanuel Ahanotu has launched a massive scholarship program in Amiyi Akah community. The engineer who had a press briefing last week in his country home about the scholarship told Umuaka Times that the scholarship will be midwifed by the foundation he founded in honour of his mother known as Lolo African Children’s Foundation.

During the press briefing, all the chairmen of the 14 Amiyi villages were invited for the press briefing where the philanthropist explained fully how the scholarship program has been tailored to be.

The foundation has programed the scholarships to be awarded under the following two umbrellas: The Ahanotu Scholarships Program and the LA CF Scholarship Program. Both are funded by Lolo African Children’s Foundation. Under the above, there are also First Generation Students (students from illitrate or half educated parents). There is also a category called the Poorest of the Poor and Orphans. In all, the students will get N1, 000,000.

The eligibility criteria says: (A). First generation students: Being a first – gen student means that your parents) did not complete 6 years of basic primary education regardless of other family member’s level of education. (B) Poorest of the poor children with single mother or father. (C) Orphans Children with no mother and father.

EDUCATIONAL LEVELS FUNDED : Group 1 : Basic / Primary ( 1,2,3,4,5,6 ) 6 years School fees. Other fees. Group 2 : JS1 to SS3 (6years). School fees, other fees. Group 3: Trade school Technical school School fees. Other fees.

In order to make the process very pransparent, each of the 14 community chairman is asked to provide the Scholarship Board with 3 qualified candidates. The information needed are, name of child, name of parent or parents and village. Also needed are the educational backgrounds such as primary, secondary or tertiary and the level of education acquired already and the school currently attending.

While speaking with Umuaka Times, Engineer Ahanotu told Umuaka Times that the pilot program just started in Amiyi and with time, it will get across other communities in Umuaka Municipal Council.


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