May 28, 2022

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Gilson Umunnakwe, an Akalite, set to win an election in America.

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From the news reaching Umuaka Times, Umuaka community may likely produce the next Barack Obama in the United States of America in a couple of years to come. Mr Gilson Chinozie Umunnakwe, a 25 year old Akalite who lives in the United States has a tall ambition that may most likely put Umuaka in the political map of United States of America. This ambition which is impossible to ignore by any reasonable African from the both sides of the Atlantic, may likely see the Isiozi born new breed Nigerian and scientific American become the City Councilman 5 under the Democratic Party arrangements. If this great Akalite secures his electoral victory, the Healthcare Administration  graduate will be representing  the famous Allen Council Place 5.

When Umuaka Times American correspondent called on Mr. Gilbert Umunnakwe, the father of the young democrat who also lives in America, he confirmed the news that his son was indeed running for an elective office in the United States.

In a message sent to Umuaka Times by Mr Gilson himself, he stressed the reasons that made him go into politics. In his words, “It is time to answer the call for change. Basic human rights are not up for debate. The continuous oppression of the underrepresented has gone far too long. Will we continue to watch generation after generation this seed of hatred and evil be planted and corrupt the land we so very love? Or will we come together and unify to fight for what we believe in?”

Moved by this brief preface to his ambition, the US correspondent then asked Gilson to name his political heroes. Not wasting any time, he answered, “My political heroes are Barack Obama, Lyndon B. Johnson, John McCain and Fred Hampton.”

Although Umuaka Times does not know when the election will be conducted, but fillers that got to the newspaper confirmed that every arrangement to ensure the electoral success of Mr Gilson Chinozie Umunnakwe has been excellently put in shape. His support base Umuaka Times gathered, is also strong enough to give him the victory he seeks.

Gilson Umunnakwe is a political benefit America would not like to waste.

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