February 29, 2024

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“How computer music discourages instrumentalists.” Davetune.

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An Umuezikukwu Uba Umuaka born music maker, multi-instrumentalist, session man and sound engineer, Mr David Chisom Ekwueme has expressed concerns on the use of computerized music over live musicians and instrumentalists at music shows and events by music promoters, events managers and more. The 25 year old Chisom who goes by the stage name Davetune expressed the worries last week when Umuaka Times had a brief interview with him. Davetune who generally talked about the invasion of the world by Artificial Intelligence and the negative consequences therein, described the music industry as one of the worst hit professions by the emergence of AI and computer music.

“From the time I started my music career at a very young age, the industry has been suffering the effects of using computer works to replace the talents of our young and highly electrifying instrumentalists. This is a direct way of killing real music and discouraging us the younger ones.”

The solution to the problem according to him is to “always do the needful by allowing the instrumentalists to perform when it’s due. Not doing everything with the computer. So I suggest they should be giving us that space to perform….it will really help us to grow.”

In the cause of the interview, Davetune told Umuaka Times that he first started music as a drummer before going to play (bass) guitar before finally settling with keyboard, disclosed that he can do backup vocals as well while playing his keyboard.

Another area he complained about is the area of less regards and value instrumentalists receive from people and industry owners and promoters. “All focus goes on the man with the microphone.”

As it is known, every musician has his own type of music and the songs he likes to listen to. Davetune told Umuaka Times that his favourite genre of music is gospel. “I so much like gospel songs and globally, I love Don Moen, Kirk Franklin, Sinach, Frank Edward, Chinyere Udoma and Gozie Okeke.” He finally used the opportunity and appealed to public spirited individuals and men with means to invest in the music industry.



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