December 7, 2022

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“How Oghu festival brought me to Lagos.” Chief Appear.

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Lagos based businessman and philanthropist, Chief Chidi Osuagwu has disclosed to Umuaka Times that it was his participation in oghu dance in Lagos some years ago that made him to relocate to Lagos. Chief Appear in a brief interview with Umuaka Times in Lagos last week during the 2022 Oghu Lagos organized by the Diamond Friends Club of Nigeria recalled vividly that as a great oghu dancer, he was invited to Lagos to participate in Oghu Lagos and after putting up a beautiful performance, many people gave him money while he was dancing and after the event, he refused to travel back to Umuaka. It was from there he developed a keen interest in business and started learning the business he is into till today.

During the cause of the interview, the Chief extolled the organizers of the cultural festival and prayed to God to “keep us alive to see the next Oghu Lagos 2023.”

On the dancing skills of the dancers who participated in the event, Chief Appear told Umuaka Times that everyone enjoyed their various styles of dancing and concluded that the dancers and those who selected them, have a deep experience concerning the activities of oghu festival.

On the issue of culture revivalism in Igboland, he appealed to Akalites and other Igbo groups across Igboland to embrace Igbo culture and tradition and teach the younger ones the rudiments of their different Igbo cultural and traditional heritages.

Finally, he commended the efforts of the media teams that covered the event which included Umuaka Times, NTA and Gotv.



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