December 3, 2023

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“How parents help their children to do yahoo-yahoo.” Ike Johnson Jr.

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The activities of “motorcycle boys” and their love for social abrasions have continued to make headline news in the pages of Umuaka Times from 2019 till date. Last week, Umuaka Times got in contact with Ikechukwu Johnson Jr (not real name) who happened to keep an eye on the “motorcycle boys” whom he bluntly referred to as “Yahoo boys”. He exposed a lot about them and accused some parents of breeding the fertile environment where yahoo business flourishes in the community. 


Hello dear how are you doing today?

I am fine sir.

You are an Akalite and a very young one indeed, what is your impression about “motorcycle boys” and their ways of life?

(Smiles). Why do you call them “motorcycle boys”? They are Yahoo boys and nothing more.

What about their lifestyle?

It is very dirty and fetish. Can’t you see how they are dying?

Have you any information on that?

My classmates back in school then. Three of them died in similar circumstances.

Can you give me details biko?

The three guys were my classmates during our secondary school days. We were really close but often, they would come to me and tell me that they would go into Yahoo Plus that they really needed money.

What followed then?

They were able to secure one serious connection from Anambra State through one of their friends.

Was the connection about what?

It was about “money rituals”. They really made some sacrifices in Anambra State, came back and became rich.

So where are they today?

They have all died mysteriously.

Can you tell us how they died?

Before they died, they travelled outside Nigeria, spent some time and came back. They died on the same day in their different houses after vomiting blood.

These your friends, were they Akalites?

I will not tell you their town.

What about their age range?

They all died in their 20s. Around 27 years.

Did they try to lure you into the deal with the devil?

Yes they did but I resisted it. There was a time they told me to come and let them show me the way, but I told them I was not interested in yahoo.

Are there some Akalites who do Yahoo Plus?

A lot of people are still doing the Yahoo Plus…..

Which year did you graduate from secondary school?

I graduated from secondary school in 2014 then higher institution 2019.

Which schools did you attend?

I attended Sancta Maria and Federal Poly Nekede.

So tell us, these your late friends which of them is not from Umuaka?

The boys are not from Umuaka but one’s maternal home is Umuaka.

Aside going to Anambra State, where else do the Yahoo boys go to obtain power and money?

The often go to Anambra for their rituals…..but most of them around here sometimes go to Njaba River.

Are there some yahoo girls? We have “motorcycle girls” too.

Of cause there are.

Do they also collect money and use charms?

Yes but not here in Umuaka though, but they are plenty in Owerri, Nekede and World Bank area.

How do they do theirs?

They use juju as well. Some wear it in form of waist beads. They call it Kayamata.

Tell us a little about the waist beads.

The waist beads are like a charm. If she says something you will believe it no matter your location.

Do you know the prices of these beads?

They have different prices depending on how you want them to work for you. From 250k and above.

So how rich are these Kayamata girls?

Most of them are big girls, if you see the type of cars they drive, you will understand better.

So the Kayamata hardly fails?

The thing is that the beads have limit and the more they renew them, the bigger the sacrifice and money.

But can yahoo-yahoo ever stop?

I don’t think so.


With what is happening now, no young boy wants to learn hand work again, “everybody wan do yahoo.”

What about primary school boys?

Some of them are into it already.

The girls who do yahoo, do they smoke?

They get A1 for that one. (General laughter). They take all sort of hard drugs and even post the drugs on their whatsapp status.

Do you have an idea of their age range?

Most of them are under 18.

Tell us a little about Umuaka girls.

The situation is that Umuaka girls too like money and that’s why most of these yahoo boys influence them badly with toxic and hard drugs while having intercourse with them.

Is it also true that some have been used spiritually by the “motorcycle boys” to the extent they can’t get pregnant again in life?

Yea it’s very much possible.

What about prostitution among them?

That one is 100% sure. E plenty for our side, small small girls ooh…some self are pregnant. Some don do many abortions.

And the boys responsible for their pregnancy are also under 18?


Do the girls also go to Iyi Njaba to do some sacrifices?

Am not sure of that yet.

What is your advice to parents so far about all these atrocities?

Which parents? Have you not heard that some parents buy phones and give to their sons to start doing yahoo-yahoo?



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