June 21, 2024

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Johnbosco Meremikwu speaks to Umuaka Times.

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Mr Johnbosco Chukwudi Meremikwu(Patapata Net LLC) from

 Amakor Autonomous Community, speaks to Umuaka Times on why he is investing in his community.



Good afternoon and happy New Year sir from Umuaka Times. May we meet you?

My name is Mr Johnbosco Chukwudi Meremikwu(Patapata Net LLC)

I am from Amakor Autonomous Community in Njaba LGA Imo State Nigeria.


Umuaka Times heard that you brought IT connections to your people. Can you explain further on what you exactly did?

I deployed satellite equipments in Amakor Autonomous Community that will enable the community to get access to  dedicated, fast and secured internet services. This has never happened before in Amakor and in fact, Umuaka in general.


You mean you did this??? So far, how is it going?

It is the first of its kind and it has solved the issue of not getting access to steady internet services in Amakor for a very long time now.


Tell us the reason behind this king gesture from you?

 For a very long time now getting steady, fast, secured and dedicated internet network in Amakor has not been easy. But right now some parts of Amakor Community have access to Hot Spot that enables them to get a steady, fast, secured and dedicated internet and also enable them to use security cameras at their homes and properties.

Do they really need that?

Yes. They can monitor or view what is happening in their homes or properties using their phones, laptops or desktop not minding where they are residing whether home or abroad and all these powered by solar energy. No generator or NEPA is needed to make this happen.

How is the reaction of Amakor people over this development?

Our Community is much excited and very happy to see this happen. The first day of operation was unbelievable; more than 100 people logged on to the network at the same time dropping the bandwidth to a very slow internet and we were forced to block some subscribers and created a password that whosoever will use the network must have a password. This was the way we were able to meet up with the bandwidth size we allowed our subscribers to use.

Can you explain why there was a rush by users?

And what caused this high number of users logging to the network at the same time was because we made the network to be used freely for a full month for everyone.

Of what benefit is this technology to your people?

It is very beneficial to our people because instead of buying MTN,AIRTEL,GLO,ETISALAT data bundles for so much money, for a few Gigabyte that is shared for one week or month, one can easily buy internet usage time for 1hr,5hrs,24hrs, etc or one month subscription for few cost and use it to browse both at home and in our Datalink Cyber cafe at Amakor Mission. That is using one password to browse both at home and in our Cyber cafe at a minimized cost.

Can you discuss more about the security side of this project?

Yes I  can. Think about seeing what is happening in your home or properties while in USA, Germany, Canada or Malaysia for example through security camera or think about seeing people driving in to your street gate or house gate and driving out or think about minimizing the cost of hiring a security man when you can sit at the comfort of your home and see who is coming to your gate. You understand what I mean? Good, you got my back?


Tell us about the performance of the project?

The project is doing great and as time goes on, we will be extending our internet network to various areas it has not reached and we have rooms open for franchise. We are looking for franchise partners and very ready to extend our network to other villages.


How do you achieve the franchise?

We have rooms open for Franchise partners. Anybody can contact us for our network extension. Our engineers are on ground to make it happen.


So what is your next plan?

We are now working on our DATALINK CYBER CAFE at Amakor Mission and it will be ready soon and we will be installing security cameras at Amakor street gates soon too. People that need security cameras at their homes and properties should contact us as well.

What is your feeling about the whole project?

I feel very happy seeing that this can be achieved and I will never stop until I see that our network has reached the entire Amakor Community and beyond.


What is the estimated cost of this project?

Actually the network is at the cost of 24million Naira now and this cost will rise dramatically.


The demand then will be very high.

Who is funding the project?

It is my hard earned cash and my personal project.


Ok, are there some people in Amakor who are assisting the community you would like to thank?

First of all I would like to thank Amakor Community in general for appreciating my project especially Amakor current forum of prominent Amakor citizens for powering my project through the media. I would also like to thank Mr Obiora Eguzozie (Ebubedike 1 of  Amakor) for all his support and Mr. Cajetan Osunwa (Agujiegbe 1 of Amakor) for his support and Mr. Uchenna Uzoma(Charles kiss) for his support including Mr. Emeka Okoro(Winer) for his support too. I would also like to thank my family for appreciating my great project and Umuaka times for making my project visible to our people. May God bless them all.


Umuaka Times is happy to associate itself with your project. May God continue to empower you and your power.


Thank you.


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