August 5, 2021

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Plane crash in Sweden: Akalites are safe.

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There was a plane crash in the Orebro city of Sweden last week. According to the news, 9 persons lost their live as the plane was engulfed by fire the moment it crashed.

When the news of the crash went viral last week, there was fear among some Akalites who have their relations in Sweden. This made Umuaka Times to make some contacts and calls to some Akalites in Sweden who confirmed  that none of them was involved in the plane crash.

According to what the Akalites who live in Sweden confirmed to the Umuaka Times correspondent in Sweden, no Akalite was involved in the crash. The victims of the crash were skydivers which means it was not a passenger plane.

The Umuaka Times correspondent in Sweden  reported that the crashed plane was a Turbo Beaver DHC-2 which had eight skydivers and one pilot on board.



1 thought on “Plane crash in Sweden: Akalites are safe.

  1. I wish Umuaka times should stop asking any or further questions about who is the PG of Umuaka. That question has been answered over and over again, and responses provided. Any further revisit to this issue is misgivings, diversionary, provocative, and designed to create new conflict in the ancient kingdom. Please quit now. Concentrate your energy on how to fund the New security gates. And provide safety for our citizenry. Chief Captain Vitalis Nnamdi Nwanyanwu. The Atakata Agbuo I of Umuaka ancient kingdom. Udonu, Yagazie.

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