December 7, 2022

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“Restructure Nigeria or give us a new nation.” Dr Chris “Chriwowo” Nwachukwu.

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An American based Akahlite, attorney, philanthropist and a high profile community leader, Chief Dr Chris Nwachukwu also known as Chriwowo has called on those advancing the idea and calling for Igbo presidency come 2023 to think twice before they mislead others. Dr Nwachukwu who spoke with the American correspondent of Umuaka Times over the weekend seriously lamented over the state of political affairs in the country today.


In his words, Dr Nwachukwu said, “Unless the interest of the people of Northern Nigeria is seriously threatened, they will not voluntarily relinquish power to Southern Nigeria or Ndigbo in 2023. Clamoring for an Igbo man or woman to be president of Nigeria in 2023 should not be our major problem now because if an Igbo man or woman becomes the President of Nigeria in 2023, unless Nigeria is restructured to pre 1966 confederacy, he will not bring any desired change to our people.”

In the recent time, many prominent politicians, especially of Southern extraction have at several fora, called for the restructuring of the nation. Former President Jonathan was actually on the path to restructuring of the nation but he lost the 2015 presidential election. During his time, he set up a national confab and at the end, the confab presented its white paper on the roadmap to restructuring Nigeria. All these came to an abrupt end when President Jonathan lost his election.

For the past five years of Buhari government under APC, the call for restructuring has someone gathered more momentum across the nation but the sad news is that, the Federal Government under APC, seems uninterested in the restructuring project.


Dr Nwachukwu also lamented over the domination of the National Assembly by Northern politicians. “The key thing is to restructure. Unless Nigeria is restructured, people of Northern Nigeria will still have majority members in the Nigerian Senate and Federal House of Representatives.


According to Dr Nwachukwu, there are some inherent dangers that the country will seriously face if no restructuring takes place and an Igboman is elected president. “They (Northern politicians) will also still be in charge of the judiciary; head security agencies and government parastatals. They will also still be in control of the Armed Forces. If the country is not restructured and an Igbo man becomes the president in 2023, he will just be a figure head because he can easily be impeached and removed for any flimsy reason. He will be a “caged” president without any power. He will also rule with fear and trepidation.


Umuaka Times gathered from Dr Nwachukwu’s political reflections on the callous manner Dr Walter Onnoghen, the former Chief Justice of Nigeria was removed from office, a man who was supposedly the head of independent third arm of the government.


Still speaking on the issue of restructuring, Umuaka Times asked Dr Nwachukwu the solution or political timetable for Ndi Igbo in case the Federal Government refuses to go into restructuring.


“If it is impossible to restructure Nigeria, Ndigbo both at home and in Diaspora should unite and seek for an independent nation.”


On the systematic invasion of Igboland by the Fulanis in Nigeria today, Dr Nwachukwu summarized that, “The reason the governors of Ndi Igbo are indifferent to what is happening in Igbo land today -Fulani invasion of our forests, killing our people, raping our women and destroying our farmlands is because they are powerless. If they make any noise Fulani Federal Government of Nigeria will frame them up and get them arrested, immunity notwithstanding. Any elite in Nigeria that says that he does not know that the Fulani people are the people that control real power in Nigeria is pretending. I sympathize with our governors because it a heavy burden for any leader to see the people you pretend to lead being killed and you will not say anything or do something about it.”


To drive home his points, Umuaka Times engaged him further below:

What solution do you advocate?

We should not ignore history. When India got independence in 1948, Mahatma Ghandhi wanted Muslim region to still remain part of India, which was why he was assassinated. Hindu nationalists that assassinated him believed that it will be impossible for Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan to remain as one country once Britain is gone. That was the reason he was assassinated so that the two countries can separate in 1948. Britain ruled both as India from 1858 to 1947.

So how does that reflect in our own political culture?

If Nigeria can go back to its pre 1966 confederate structure, where every region will run her economic, social and political affairs except defense, currency minting, customs tariff and external affairs. Each region will also have the option to pullout from the republic at any time.

Are you saying that the Federal Government control of the nation is not paying Nigerians properly?

It is stupid that someone in Abuja will decide whether I will incorporate a business in Imo State or not. If we cannot go back to true federalism, I will prefer a new nation.

Can we trust the future without restructuring?

Let us look at the future. In the next 40 years, few of us on this forum today will still be alive. What do you think that will be the future of our grandchildren sharing the same country with these amajiris that are still living in the bush in the 21st century with no education or skill? Even if your grandchildren attend the best universities in the world, they will be rubbished as we are being rubbished today.

Talking about rubbishing us, some people say that the Vice President is totally rubbished by these people. What is your take on that sir?

Osibanjo, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria SAN, is a vice to someone we are not sure of his education. He has been cornered into a box-threatened with arrest and prosecution every day. In Nigeria, everyone is corrupt except the Fulani. They are above the law, acting with impunity and depravity.


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