February 29, 2024

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STEM AWARD: Warm Greetings from Nwokeoji Emmanuel Igbokwuwe.

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The father of Miss Virtue Igbokwuwe, the current winner of STEM Award, Engineer Emmanuel Igbokwuwe has sent an appreciation message to all those who contributed in one way or another in making sure that his daughter emerged the global winner of STEM Award 2024 edition.

In an appreciation press statement sent to Umuaka Times dated 10 February 2024, the high profile engineer wrote.

“I, Chief Engineer Emmanuel Nwokejiezi IGBOKWUWE (Nwokeoji) of Umuezikeukwu Uba Umuaka in Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State of Nigeria, on behalf of my beloved family, hereby register our undiluted appreciation to the numerous fans and supporters of my adorable daughter, Miss Virtue Chiamaka IGBOKWUWE, who was the acclaimed winner of the Award of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) 2024.”

Engineer Igbokwuwe who personally broke the news of the victory of his daughter to Umuaka Times last week, continued. “We cannot thank you enough for standing very tall behind her, through your votes, prayers and otherwise, when the tide and tension were very high, which made her navigate to victory.”

The UK based engineer was never equivocal in describing and acknowledging the role played by those who showed compassion, love and support to Miss Virtue Igbokwuwe. “It is a robust fact that without your unflinching or unalloyed support, cooperation and solidarity, offered to my daughter, accordingly, she would have done nothing in this aspect, because if you were not there, she would not be there.”

While concluding his message, Engineer Emmanuel Igbokwuwe took time to dedicate the award to God Almighty and humanity in general. “For us, this award is dedicated to God Almighty and Humanity, who have donated their valuable times to ensure that she emerged victorious. Together we went and together we celebrate.”





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