August 16, 2022

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The situation report on security in Umuaka.

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The security situation in Umuaka Municipal Council Njaba Local Government Imo State which became violent and as a result, many Akalites temporarily stopped visiting the community pending when the situation would improve, is still a big bone for the people to chew. From the security reports and intelligence gathering Umuaka Times came across recently, several arrests have so far been made in the community and the arrested suspects are still being detained. Those who were arrested were said to be giving the police information on all they know about the rising crime waves in the community. From some sources Umuaka Times discussed with, some of the arrested motorcycle boys had some dangerous weapons while others have admitted knowing a lot about kidnapping and armed robbery activities in the community.

From the day the arrests were made, Umuaka Times gathered that some motorcycle boys fled the community and are yet to return due to fear of being. There is also a big indication and confirmation that there is a return of temporary peace in the community as a result of the clampdown on the motorcycle boys. It is known across the community that crime incidents are reported almost daily but since the successful arrests of  motorcycle boys were made, Umuaka has not recorded up to two criminal operations in the community over the last two weeks or more.

The peaceful atmosphere in the community today which is a direct reflection of the police intervention in Umuaka has been applauded by so many Akalites especially those in Diaspora who were aware of the exploits of the motorcycle boys. A reliable source who discussed with Umuaka Times on the security situation in the community regretted that the peace in Umuaka as at now may not last till December if something is not done seriously and urgently. The fellow who did not want his name mentioned, called on the state government to make more arrests.

A POS agent who resides and runs his business in the community used the Umuaka Times medium and appealed to the stakeholders in Umuaka to fortify the security situation for the benefit of all especially during the yuletide and New Year era.

In order to sustain the peace and low crime rate in the community, some Akalites have suggested that the community should hire the services of strongmen of Aguleri to provide central security services in the area. Some also suggested that some Rivers State strongmen known as Sparks will do the job. A top community stakeholder warned that the best option for Umuaka in terms of security is to invite the military in Umuaka. Many Akalites have reservations over this last suggestion due to the abuse of human rights associated with some members of the armed forces.

As things stand now, crime waves in Umuaka  seem to have reduced to a reasonable extent as a result of several arrests made in the last couple of weeks. The challenge now for the community is how to sustain the low crime atmosphere till December and beyond. Many stakeholders in the community are brainstorming and planning on the best strategy and solution to tackle the heavy crime wave in the community. A lot of works still has to be done effectively and urgently, otherwise the peace in Umuaka for now may turn out to be an elusive peace at the end. The DSS has played its part, now the community has to sustain the momentum.


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