February 29, 2024

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“There may be no doctors in Umuaka in the next 10 years”. Victory Uzoigwe.

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A young author and educationist from Obinwanne Umuaka Autonomous Community, Miss Victory Uzoigwe has raised an alarm that Umuaka community may have no medical doctors in the nearest future considering the way the youths in the community have jettisoned academic education in the recent times. Miss Uzoigwe who is the author of the book titled, The Burning Desire raised the alarm last week during a workshop held in Umuaka last week which was organized by Women’s Crisis Centre, Fix Politics and Umuaka Times.

In her paper titled the Importance of Education in the Society, Miss Uzoigwe appealed to parents to endeavor to send their kids to school because education is still the best option to walk away from poverty and ignorance.

Uzoigwe who represented Obinwanne Umuaka Autonomous Community during the program also went further and blamed some of the youths of today who falsely claim that education is a scam. She advised the younger ones especially those still in primary and secondary schools never to take those making such claims seriously. She made a passionate appeal to all the communities in Umuaka Municipal Council to stand up and fight back the misguided youths making such false claims. She appealed to churches and other community based organizations to fight back and end the false claim by the socially misguided youths.

On the part of government, Uzoigwe advocated that the government should make education compulsory to at least up to secondary school level. She finally thanked the organizers of the program for their efforts and wished everybody a merry Christmas in advance.



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