February 29, 2024

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Umuaka Times publisher introduces electric motorcycles in Umuaka.

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The publisher of Umuaka Times newspapers, Mr Darlington Ojy Onwukwe has introduced electric made motorcycles in Umuaka for commercial purposes. The motorcycle which was made in China arrived Umuaka about two weeks ago. In a promotional advert made to promote the bike, Onwukwe was seen announcing that the motorcycle “does not use fuel and has no engine. In fact, you have to delete the number of your mechanic as the motorcycle does not have an engine.”

On a special roadshow organized to attract buyers for the bike, Onwukwe confirmed to Umuaka Times that many people in Umuaka and beyond were surprised to understand that the motorcycle only works by charging the battery. Some of them according to Umuaka Times findings still did not believe that a motorcycle can be charged and it starts to work with cool efficiency.

Chukwudi, a mechanic based in Afor Umuaka market, while inspecting the motorcycle, told Umuaka Times that “the motorcycle will move market because we are tired of buying fuel at N720 a litre.”
Another fellow who showed so much interest in the motorcycle described it as suitably built for Nigerians especially under the harsh economic realities in the country today because of high cost of motorcycle parts and fuel.

The motorcycle itself saves the user a lot of financial burdens. No fueling option, no mechanical faults and no engine. Those who identified these options in the Chinese made electric motorcycles have so far placed their orders for the machine which comes in different models.

According to what Onwukwe disclosed to Umuaka Times, he imports the motorcycles from Togo and sells to the Nigerian end users at a reasonable price. Those who need the motorcycle can contact the publisher of Umuaka Times for more discussions.


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