October 18, 2021

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With tears, Eze Mmuo speaks for the voiceless.

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Chief Chris Akuzuruahu, the Eze Mmuo of Igboland, high profile Akalite and a billionaire philanthropist has condemned in outright terms, the ongoing crisis in some high profile organizations in Umuaka. In a whatsapp message he shared with Umuaka Times and some other Umuaka based digital platforms last week, Chief Akuzuruahu seriously lamented that some young Akalites who in their quest for knowledge and education, trek to Ekwe, Amurie, Okwudor and other communities on daily basis are undergoing serious pains while the Umuaka society is engulfed in some crises of some sort. Chief Akuzuruahu was making reference to the proposed secondary school by the New Umuaka Project Initiative NUPI, the apex socio-cultural and political organization in Umuaka which now has two factions.

,In one of his ways to achieve a lasting peace in the community, Chief Akuzuruahu advised. “I advice that we might not achieve peace and unity simultaneously, let us choose one first and work on the other at a later stage.”

Continuing in his speech, he asked some vital questions about the status of the school and the contract. Chief Akuzuruahu tried to know who the contractors are, the handover time  and stages of payments.

On the solution to the issues he raised, Chief Chris Akuzuruahu appealed thus;”I plead with the PGs too to have an urgent meeting and consult the traditional rulers , thereafter hold meetings with our mothers and fathers and seek their opinion either to build a school for our boys or not. If the consultations yield positive results, we can then plead with the warring parties to set their differences aside and allow the school project to be built.”

The Eze Mmuo described the daily act of allowing young Akalites to be trekking for far distances to acquire academics as a 21 century act of wickedness. On this plight, the billionaire promised. “If NUPI constitution allows and I get the backing of the Ezes and PGs, I would start by providing over 27,000 molded blocks to kick start the project.”

Before ending his message, he concluded with a passionate appeal to all stakeholders in Umuaka to “show pity to the little students and  let us have mercy on our poor brothers no matter what the case is. Please my brothers and sisters, look upon the agony and sufferings of our little brothers and think for once, if they are your kids. I plead on behalf of the voiceless and the poor, let this project start in less than 10 days .”

On the NEPA sub-station the philanthropist donated the sum of N250 million for over a year ago, he reassured every Akalite that the project would start serving its purpose in no distant time.


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