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10 Richest Kids in Nigeria.

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When you’re young, you will be rewarded if you’re willing to share your talent with the world; time is just not your friend. If you’re a parent and you’re reading this, you should do what you can to help your child develop and use their talents. If you encourage your child’s talent as soon as you become aware of it, it will help them achieve their goals earlier. And force them to rely on their pastimes to survive.

Many of the country’s children are multi-talented, brilliant, and intellectual young people who have already made waves in a variety of businesses catered to their interests; we are confident that you are really interested in learning who the richest children in Nigeria are. The top ten richest kids in Nigeria are covered in this article.

The top 10 richest kids in Nigeria are included in the table below along with their net worth.

1. Mompha Junior.

The richest kid in Nigeria is Mompha Junior. His full name is Muhammed Awal Mustapha, and at the age of nine, he is said to be the youngest billionaire in the world.

The youngster has owned a home since he was only six years old. Since then, he has bought some supercars and now flies a private plane throughout the world. The young man already has 25k followers on his Instagram account, @momphajnr.

The father of Junior, a very successful millionaire businessman, is Mohammed Lawal Mostapha, popularly known as Mompha, the CEO of Mompha Bureau De Change. Thanks to his affluent father, he has the opportunity to acquire property and exercise financial control at a very young age.

2. Emmanuella Samuel. 

Emmanuella is the second child on our list of the top 10 richest children in Nigeria. Emmanuella, a young woman of originality, cleverness, and intelligence with a net worth of $200,000, was discovered by her cousin’s brother Mark Angel during a comedy act. While on a family vacation, she got to know Mark Angel. When Mark Angel needed some children for his comedy shoot, he invited a few young people he knew to come in for an audition, but they were unable to memorize their lines. Then he concentrated on Emmanuella, who performed admirably despite the 18-hour film shoot he set up to test the kids’ fortitude. After she was chosen, Mark Angel had to convince her parents to let her join the Mark Angel Comedy team, and he was successful.

3. Amarachi Uyanni.

Amarachi Uyanni is another kid included in the top 10 richest kids in Nigeria. She was born on July 17, 2004, in Delta State. She gained notoriety after taking home the N10,000,000 (10 million Naira) first place in Nigeria’s Got Talent, which made her an instant millionaire.

After releasing her debut single, Amarachi Dance, she also made the decision to incorporate Phyno, a well-known rap artist, into one of her songs, “Ova Sabi.” She was regarded as one of the richest children in Nigeria prior to being overthrown by Mompha Junior and Emmanuella.

4. Aunty Success.

Young Nigerian producer and performer Aunty Success has become well-known in the comedy world. As she matures, she is creating a long-lasting career for herself. She has already been on Mark Angel Comic, one of Nigeria’s most popular comedic shows.

The young and gorgeous actress is one of the many outstanding performers who collaborate with Mark Angel Comedy. She has been working with Mark Angel since his first comedy show, and she is excited to see what the future holds for her. On the list of the top 10 wealthiest children in Nigeria, Aunty Success is ranked number four.

5. DJ Young Money.

Dj Young Money, a talented 12-year-old DJ, earns millions of Naira through a variety of contracts and appearances. He was born in 2008, making him one of Nigeria’s top 10 richest children. Millions of Naira are made by the talented 12-year-old DJ through a variety of contracts and appearances. Following the conclusion of his 2016 contract with K-Nation Entertainment, he consented to serve as the label’s in-house DJ.

Additionally, he once gave a performance at the birthday party of well-known Nigerian politician Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The young DJ, who is clearly the wealthiest young DJ in Nigeria, succeeded his father in the disc jockey business.

6. OzzyBosco.

On the list of the top 10 richest kids in Nigeria, he is the sixth child. He started a professional music career in Nigeria when he was just 4 years old. On the stage of the Lagos competition for “Nigeria Kids Got Talent,” his musical career got its start. He won the talent competition, which opened the door to a career in music for him.

Ozzy Bosco is a talented young artist from Nigeria who has drawn comparisons to Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. His first broadcast performances soon drew comparisons to the Nigerian music stars D’Banj and Naeto C.

The most well-known young performer in Africa was said to be him. He made a winning performance at the 2011 Nigerian Kids Got Talent competition and has since worked tirelessly to establish himself as the biggest artist in Africa.

7. Ahmed Star Boy.

When Ahmed first met Wizkid in 2017, he was still a young man trying to break into the music business. At one of Wizkid’s shows, he noticed a young boy in the crowd who was enthusiastically singing along.

He heard Wizkid yell, “Why you never sleep, come on stage,” to him. The best bars of the evening were given by Young Ahmed, who seized the chance. His rapping skills astounded Wizkid, who promised to contract him.


But before signing Ahmed into his star boy recordings, he gave him N10 million. Before signing with Wizkid, Ahmed would frequently hang out in malls and pursue his music by rapping for random people. On the list of the top 10 richest children in Nigeria, he is yet another wonderful youngster.

8. Egypt Ify Ufele.

Egypt Ify Ufele is another child included in the top 10 richest children in Nigeria. She is an American-Nigerian fashion designer that enjoys making clothing for various occasions.

After being bullied in school, she purportedly launched the plus-size apparel company Chubiiline and founded the Bully Chasers organization. The 14-year-old has begun designing clothes for herself, but she also outfits mannequins and gets them ready for fashion shows.

On May 3, 2005, Dr. Reba Perry and Emeka Ufele gave birth to a young fashion designer. Her older sister, Sade Perry, is also a fashion designer. Ify became more interested in launching her own clothes company as a result.

Because of her weight, she was often admitted to the hospital and was eventually diagnosed with a serious asthmatic respiratory condition. Ify returned to school once her health improved, but some of her classmates started to bully her.

9. Destiny Boy.

After releasing a cover of Davido’s song IF and garnering notice, Afeez Adesina, better known as Destiny Boy, became well-known. His abilities and hard ethic allowed him to succeed in the Nigerian pop music sector.

He insisted that his musical preferences were influenced by the Agege region where he was raised, where Fuji served as the cultural soundtrack. While he fought with his struggling parents to launch a successful music career, Destiny Boy started doing pre-performance dance for the well-known Nigerian Fuji artist, Pasuma. He is among the top ten richest children in Nigeria.


10. MaryLove Edward.

MaryLove Edward is the last child listed among the top 10 richest kid in Nigeria. Marylove plays tennis quite well. She participates in prestigious events (she has trophies from nearly every Junior Tennis Championship she has taken part in).

In 2017, she finished fourth in the Nigeria Tennis Federation’s women’s singles rankings. Marylove deserves to be on our list because she is an inspiration to others, has received multiple honors, and is deserving of it.

Source: www.knowafrika.com



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