December 7, 2022

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Akah Sigmite Klub pays tribute to fallen members. 

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The Akah Sigmite Klub, a social club of some likeminded Akahlites has planned an online Night of Tributes to her fallen members who died over the years when the club was in limbo. Recall that last week, Umuaka Times published the return of the social club which made waves in the community from the mid 80s till early 90s. The club is coming back once again, close to 30 years it disappeared from social strata of Umuaka community.

In a press release made available to Umuaka Times which was signed by the interim president of the club, Chief Uzoma Ahamefula, Akah Sigmite Klub will hold an online memorial for its fallen members. The club will also offer prayers and observe a day of mourning for all the  members who have died so far over the years. Sigmites are expected to observe this special day of mourning from any country they live as a show of respect for the fallen members of the club. The press statement issued by Chief Ahamefula has the following names as their fallen heroes:

Christopher Okorogho, an indigene of Umuele, graduated from High School Umuaka in 1985. Till his death, he was a cross border businessman whose business tentacles were between Cameroun and Nigeria. He died in a motoring accident in the late 80s.

Augustus Ubasonye, an indigene of Ugbele Umuaka. He also graduated from High School Umuaka. Till the time of his sudden death, he was a businessman based in Aba Abia State. He died around 2003.




Magnus (Magoto) Ojikeya, an indigene of Uba Umuaka. He graduated from High School Umuaka in 1984, later migrated to Italy and passed away in Italy around 2016.

Theophilus  Nwokedi, an indigene of Amayi Umuaka and a 1985 graduate of High School Umuaka. During his lifetime, Theo as he was popularly known by close friends was a highly talented goalkeeper. He died in 2018.

Vitalis Ojiego, an indigene of Amayi Umuaka and a talented versatile engineer who tried his hands in inventing electronic gadgets. He was practicing engineering in the Cameroons where he lived for long and eventually died there a couple of years ago.

Chinedu Ibekwe, an indigene of Ugbele, Umuaka who was a great footballer of note. The late Ibekwe partly attended High School Umuaka and later changed to another school. He passed away in the 90s in a motoring accident around Orodo.

Bethel Dikeocha, an indigene of Achara Umuaka who was a 1985 graduate of High School Umuaka and a fantastic footballer known for his football skills Dikeocha passed away in the Republic of South Africa.

Patrick Igboji. He was an indigene of Isiozi, Umuaka, graduated from High School Umuaka in 1986, passed away in South Africa a few years ago.

The Akah Sigmite Klub also wishes to pay a special tribute in memory of someone the club introduced as a unique brother in his own ways when he was alive. That special fellow  was the late Mr. Maurice Izunwa from Uba Umuaka. Maurice, an easy going fellow who graduated from High School Umuaka in 1985 was involved in a motoring accident in Onitsha Anambra State. Maurice died shortly after taking his school certificate exams in October 1985.

From the findings made by Umuaka Times, Akah Sigmite Klub has also slated as its major program, a visit to the families left behind by these fallen members as a sign of remembrance and love they had for each member.


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