August 16, 2022

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Akalites worry over cancerous dust from Orlu Owerri Road.

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Following the current road construction linking Orlu to Owerri which passes through Umuaka town, there is a serious worry by Akalites over the dusty situation of the road which is capable of causing a strain of cancer known as asbestosis to the residents of the community. (Asbestosis is a strain of cancer which is caused by chemicals used to produce asbestos and cement). An Umuaka Times correspondent who visited the road confirmed that the rate dust is raised on the road anytime a vehicle passes by, is seriously alarming to the extent that any vehicle coming from the opposite direction will certainly have poor visibility, unless the headlights are switched on.

Many people in the community have decided to avoid the use of the road while making trips to Owerri or Orlu.

Some Akalites who spoke to Umuaka Times also complained that the road construction firm handling the road project only waters the road once a day and at times none at all. This has also made it possible for those doing businesses close to the road to constantly put on their nose masks which they change on daily basis.

Umuaka Times observed that Akalites are not only worried about the cancerous dust from the road construction but they are also not happy on the demolition of the Umuaka Roundabout by the construction firm. An Afor Umuaka based businessman who spoke with Umuaka Times on the condition of anonymity lamented that the demolition of the roundabout by the road construction firm is an invitation to accidents among motorcycle boys and others. “You know while approaching a roundabout, you slow down, watch very well and continue your trip. But now it is no longer so. I pray that this new method will save us than to kill us.”


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