July 6, 2022

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Eze Justin Ezeala appeals for improved security in Umuaka.

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The royal father and the traditional ruler of Obinwanne Umuaka Autonomous Community, HRH Eze Justin Ezeala has made a passionate appeal to prominent Akalites and other stakeholders in Umuaka Municipal Council to endeavour to put in place, a functional security networking in the community. This appeal was contained in the discussion held last week with the royal father when the publisher of Umuaka Times called on him.

The Obinwanne monarch who deeply expressed his disappointments over the insecurity in the community and the state in general drove home his points by citing the Nnewi example. According to him, Nnewi has a deep-rooted security outfit which operates and patrols the entire community with vehicles, security vans and other security gadgets. “I would like to see the Nnwei example duplicated in Umuaka. We need vehicles and motorcycles so that our people will feel totally secured.”

When Umuaka Times asked him about the security situation in his Obinwanne community, the monarch explained, “In Obinwanne, we have put gates to all the entry and exit points. I provided motorcycles for the security patrol and every night, the security boys are on duty. This has yielded a lot of positive results so far.”

Umuaka Times gathered from the royal father that Umuaka Municipal Council will be better secured when other communities take the issue of security seriously and by drawing a roadmap towards achieving it. It can be recalled that in the last few months, social disorganizations, violence and insecurity conspicuously took the centre stage in Umuaka Municipal Council which led to many people sustaining injuries, losing their valuables including money and lives.


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