December 7, 2022

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American researchers find 100 % effective treatment for cancer.

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From the findings of a research project conducted at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, Manhattan, United States, the stubborn decay of human body known as cancer will totally be a thing of the past in the nearest time possible. From the reports filed by the Umuaka Times correspondent in American, the clinical trial produced 100 percent evidence of total eradication of cancer in the patients used as specimen in the experiment. The research which was conducted on small specimen sent shockwaves across the world as medical institutions and cancer patients across the world marveled at the highly positive research findings.

Umuaka Times reports that about 18 specimens used in the treatment had their rectal cancer totally cured after the treatment. The experiment had the 18 patients administered with a special drug known as Dostarlimab for a period of six months and after 12 months, the researchers discovered that the patients have been totally cured.

Several health journals, including The New York Times and medical scientists disclosed that it was the first time that all persons in a cancer research treatment were totally cured with no side effects. According to a report monitored by Umuaka Times on the internet, “the 18 patients had undergone various treatments before, for cancer including chemotherapy, radiation and invasive surgery. However, no further treatment was needed”.

Expert authorities in cancer research and experiments disclosed to newsmen that the “magical” drug known as Dostarlimab, involved the use of “laboratory-produced molecules” which acted as antibody substitutes in the specimens used in the experiment.

Umuaka Times also gathered from the New York Times that the patients were administered with the drug every three weeks for a period of six months in order to achieve the expected result.

When the news of the success of the experiment filtered into Nigeria last week, many families, religious bodies and hospitals were reportedly in happy mood. According to the findings Umuaka Times made last week concerning the prevalence of cancer across the country, “In Nigeria, an estimated 72,000 cancer deaths occur annually, and 102,000 new cases are diagnosed from its population of 200 million people. These are, however, estimates, it is necessary to document the yearly trends and patterns of cancer mortality with regards to the different regions in the country”.

For now, the researchers are back to work still working on studying the specimens, the experiment and further effects. Sooner or later, more positive results are expected as research work continues.

Humanity is perhaps saying a permanent goodbye to all forms of cancer.



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