December 7, 2022

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Baron D breaks the internet for the second time in 3 weeks.

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Just three weeks after the release of his debut single, the music video of the fast rising entertainment exponent, song writer and performer, Baron D has torn the internet apart by recording over 1 million views on Youtube within a space of 21 days. After Umuaka Times published the story of the new artiste who is professionally being handled and promoted by Alex O, a super talented musician who held the Nigerian music lovers spellbound in the 90s with his monster hits, the popularity of Baron D who has been nicknamed the Baron of Music BOM, by fans soared higher.  Despite being on no 5 among the most moving Top 200 Songs by Pop Genre, the song by Baron D titled Perfect Man also made the list of All Genre Top 200 as no 23. All these feats were achieved in the first 21 days of the song in the market in Europe and beyond.

When Umuaka Times spoke with Alex O in an exclusive interview last week, he expressed deep joy and thanked God for the success of the new single by Baron D. According to him, the success of the song is a direct reflection of the hard work invested in the song. “What you see today  are combined efforts of Powersonic Music, Promedia, Dstv, Urban  HipTv, Trace Tv, Soundcity, Youtube and Music Africa. Together they have build a brand known as Baron D.”

Also speaking with the Baron of Music himself on why he did a single instead of a full album, he told Umuaka Times that, “Releasing singles, instead of full albums that contain more songs, has the advantage of each song making more impact respectively for the artiste. The artiste gets more promo and attention each time a single is released. If you release a full album, sometimes, some of the songs may not even be noticed. Besides the fact that it is the ongoing trend, the advantages are more than the disadvantages.”

On how he was able to secure a juicy contract with Powersonic music firm, Baron disclosed how his journey started. “Yes, I am now based in Owerri, but before I joined Heavy Metal studios in Lagos, I traveled to Germany, performed in some of the night clubs. That’s when the owners of Powersonic  saw me and picked up interest in my music. They have been monitoring my development ever since then. So, when I now submitted my new songs to them, they fell in love with them, signed me on to the label and agreed to promote it.”

Umuaka Times gathered that Baron D is under the management of Promedia which is owned and managed by Alex O. He thanked Alex O for the brilliant work he has been doing before and after the release of the single.

The Baron of Music who used the opportunity to talk about the monster song, Perfect Man. says.”It is all about somebody offending someone, realizing the mistake, feeling remorseful, going back to apologize, asking for forgiveness and a second chance to make amends. We are not perfect beings. We make mistakes and when you realize your mistakes, you apologize and show remorse. The music video of the song, illustrates this perfectly well. I urge everyone to log on to Youtube and watch it.”

0n why he choose the name Baron D, he told Umuaka Times that the name is like a business name. “I used to bring my favourite drink to the studio for us to have after work sessions. The name of the drink is Baron De Val. So because I always brought this drink to the studio, my friends and colleagues always expected me to bring it to the studio whenever we had sessions. Whenever they saw me coming, they started calling me Baron D. That’s how it all started but my real name is Ike Benjamin.”

Some club DJs throughout last week, were heard blasting Perfect Man from their clubs in Lagos. Perhaps, Baron D may soon transform to the new Michael Jackson of Nigerian music.

Only time will tell for Baron D.



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