December 7, 2022

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Baron D, the Baron of Music enters the stage.

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If you are among those who follow global music trends, you must have observed that in the past couple of weeks, the internet and several music channels and entertainment centres across the globe have been agog with the latest Nigerian music sensation. A new music maker, song writer, dancer and song arranger from Nigeria has taken the global music scene by storm! Stage named  Baron D, the guy whose real name is Ike Benjamin has the music characteristics of a Heavy D, a Jamaican American rap musician who reigned in the 90s after taking the  global music scene by storm too.

Just shortly after  Baron D released his single CD, the Imo State born artiste, also known as the Baron of Music tore the internet apart by immediately climbing to number 5 by the famous Pop Genre of  Top 200 songs. As if that was not enough, the song also successfully found its way to number 23 in the All Genre Top 200.

Music observers around the world who followed the magic of Baron D have seriously predicted a bright music future for the ex student and graduate of Computer Science in Alvan Ikoku College of Education Owerri.

While preparing the story of Baron D last week, Umuaka Times gathered that the rise and rise of the new artiste did not come as a happenstance. The new artiste himself is an epitome of music. A seasoned music producer and sound engineer, Baron had worked with Heavy Metal Studio in Lagos before retiring back to Owerri to set up his own personal studio in order to groom the highly talented music startups in the Southeast.

When Umuaka Times Lagos correspondent spoke to the big cousin of the new artiste, Alex O, he told the newspaper that Baron has been signed on by an international music label known as Powersonic Music,  a big entertainment firm from Germany. Umuaka Times also gathered that the music video of Perfect Man is already making waves in some TV channels in the country and beyond such as Dstv, Urban  HipTv, Trace Tv, Soundcity, Youtube and Music Africa. It was Alex O that directed the music video from his Lagos based Promedia Studios.

From the fillers Umuaka Times came across, many DJs and radio personalities across the country who have listened to the song have advised the handlers and promoters  of  Baron D to quickly begin club tours in the whole of West African countries  so as to pave way for Perfect Man to occupy the centre stage during this year’s Christmas celebration. As Bob Marley puts it, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. Reports from Germany have confirmed that Perfect Man has been hitting Nigerians in Germany and they have also been feeling no pain as the song already climbed to me 5 in DJ Music Chart in Germany.

For now, those who want to watch the sensational music video of Perfect Man should log on to youtube and enter Perfect Man by Baron D or follow the link and enjoy the video.

Baron D has done creditably well by giving the world good song and it is left for the world to enjoy the music. According to Claudio Monteverdi, “The point of good music is to affect your soul.” Baron D has indeed come to affect our souls with good music. Let the music play!



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