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Chief Cosmos Okoh, a mystery man with a mystery religion.

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Chief Cosmos Okoh, a Port Harcourt based Ibeleman means a lot to many people. Some

see him as a traditionalist while others see him merely as an Umuaka man who lives in Port Harcourt. . Chief Cosmos Okoh, a man who has a good command of English language and a lot of facts laced with wisdom and philosophy to drive home his points mesmerized Umuaka Times with his deep sense of theology and more. As someone the Umuaka Times has heard a lot

about, the newspaper decided to corner him for a marathon interview to seek his

views on a range variety of issues. He was fearlessly explosive and he freely

touched some religious beliefs many Christian bodies may not totally agree



Born a Christian on 12th November 1965 to the family of Chief Sylvester Madu

and Lolo/Mrs Grace Ugwodiya Okoh of Eloka village in Ibele village, Mr. Cosmos

Okoh did not only part ways with Christianity at a certain stage of his life, he also changed his name to Meshiyach Yahzitere Okoh as he converted to a religion known as



According to him, the term Meshiyach means “Anointed One” in his religious tradition while Yahzitere means “Yah sent forth”. Yah is a short form of the name Yahweh that is the focal personage of his religious system. The movement is a sect within Judaism. It was established in 1960 by Prophet Yahmarabhi Ha Meshiyach- a Comforter Claimant from Oloibiri in Bayelsa state of Nigeria.


The belief system focuses on proclamation and broadcasting of the Sacred Name YAHWEH for our creator, Yahoshea Meshiyach for the Hebrew Messiah/Saviour and Prophet Yahmarabhi as the revealed Comforter of mankind.


Please take time and read this interesting interview with this man who appears to Umuaka

Times as a mystery man with a mystery belief.



Umuaka Times may like to know you sir.


I am traditionally known as Chief Cosmos Okoh. I was born on 12th November 1965 to

the family of Chief Sylvester Mmadu Okoh and Lolo/Mrs Grace Ugwodiya Okoh of

Eloka village in Ibele Community. Regarding who I am, truly I am a spiritual/religious

person. I am addressed as Meshiyach Yahzitere Okoh in the religious and spiritual circle. My religious sect is Yahosheanism. Some of the major practices of the sect is observation of Seventh Day Sabbath (Saturday), love of other mortals more than oneself and observation of all scriptural revealed feasts as New Year Day of 1st Abib (31st of March annually), Feast of Atonement

on 10th Abib, Passover Feast on 13th–20th Abib, Feast of First Fruits on 5th of 3rd month (June), Feast of Reconciliation on 13th of 4th month (July), Feast of Yahoshea’s Birthday on 2nd of 7th month (October), Feast of Last in Gathering/Tabernacle on 13th–20th of 7th month (October), Feast of Holy Convocation on 30th of 7th month (October).




Does this religious sect have its own bible?


The movement has its scriptural authority called Holy Originally Inspired Scriptures (HOIS) written through Yahweh’s Revelations to Prophet Yahmarabhi. It has its headquarters at Yahcity in Buguma City of Asari Toru local government area in Rivers state, Nigeria.


What does the movement want to achieve and as a spiritualist, what do you forbid?


Regarding what I forbid, as a Yahoshean, I forbid whatever forbidden by Yahweh that were revealed to Prophet Yahmarabhi as recorded in HOIS. Such orders include referencing or

reverencing our father Yahweh in another form of name like God, Lord, Jehovah,

Chukwu, Allah or any other in any language of peoples. I do not love profane

Sabbath day etc.



Do you have some spiritual powers to foretell the future?


In the movement, various members have various gifts as seeing of things ahead of times but the law is that no one tells you of the visions he received on you. The seer will intercede for the person and possibly give counseling to the person. Yahosheanism is out to teach people the truths that will guarantee realization of Yahweh’s consciousness. It teaches on who is YAHWEH? Who is man? What’s the purpose of life here on earth and after life experiences? It teaches of self realization, teaches of nonexistence of Satan and Demons, man as image of Yahweh and having independence to use his freewill of thoughts. The sect regards negative thought as man’s enemy, believes of karma and reincarnation, no to hellfire and heaven

rewards, judgment day, rapture etc


Why are you not a Christian?


I was born a Christian. I was born in a strong Catholic family. I practiced Christianity till I received the call to follow Yahweh through Yahosheanism.


You said the movement teaches that there is no Satan. Can u explain better?


Yes Yahosheanism does not agree with the existence of Satan and Demons. You know that the Bible accounted that Hellfire will be the terminal home of Satan, Demons and all unrighteous people. Since our sect does not believe in the existence of Satan, it can’t agree with it’s purported terminal point. But how YAHWEH, the father of mercy, equity and justice established an unquenchable fire to consume transgressors for eternity? Where will his love and affection be kept while watching his loved mortals go through such horrible state? Where will he demonstrate the parable of the lost sheep where a good Shepherd lost one of his hundred sheep, abandoned ninety nine and went in search of the lone lost one? The parable claims that when he saw the lost one, he was happy and organized merriment, invited his friends to enjoy with him for he has found the lost sheep.


Again, the parable of the lost coin indicates same attitude to the widow that lost her coin and later found it. Bible made YAHWEH to appear brutal and barbaric through its accounts

relating to existence of Satan and Demons.


You said there are no demons, Satan and hellfire; will it be correct to say there

are gods?


Yes. Anything one sets for his or her worship is god for the person. The true scriptures hold that all Gods of all nations are idol but YAHWEH made the world. The God of English people is God, the God of Igbo people is Chukwu and so to all tribes and nations. There is a name above all other names, that name belongS to our almighty creator and is known as YAHWEH.




If there are gods there must be evil spirits… Do you agree?


Yes, there are evil spirits. In Yahosheanism, we are taught that death is not real.Men pass out from earth and transfer to the spirit worlds. The spirit worlds are arranged in dimensions or heavens. The first three dimensions are called the earthbound spirit kingdoms. These are heavens for failed souls. The first heaven is for most wicked passed persons, the second dimension is for souls that did better than those of the first heaven, and the third dimension is for better souls who have never gotten marks of salvation on their foreheads. For it is required that those who have run the race of life properly and had emersion baptism with names of YAHWEH and Yahoshea will have the names sealed on their foreheads. In each of the dimensions, there are millions of sub dimensions. Each of the sub dimensions are organized for identical souls, that’s those that lived almost same lifestyles on earth. The upward heavens are for souls that have met all necessary requirements and have merged to YAHWEH.


The souls of lesser heavens are the evil spirits and ghosts that exist. They are allies to evil spiritual people (necromancers, witches, vampires etc) and their exploits. They teach men evil lifestyle and influence so many attacks and evil attitude on earth. But they are not bound in such state forever, they are subject of reincarnation. When their time of staying in those kingdoms elapses, they will take another birth to continue their life on earth. Each human at this era must

have reincarnated for more than a thousand times.


You believe in recantation…does it not clash with the belief of the movement?

Yes, we believe in reincarnation. It doesn’t clash with our eschatology since we believe that from

YAHWEH all things emerged and to YAHWEH all things will return because there won’t be any loss in spirit. All souls will strive to return to YAHWEH through their activities in the so many life times.




The way you speak, many will not be able to properly understand your religion, do

people at times get scared of you?


No, I am not a monster. People appreciate me in all corners. My aura is too attractive, so many people love to meet me and possibly learn from me. To show little of people’s reaction on me, check my Facebook list of friends. I have gotten 5000 friends and numerous followers. Sometimes, my timeline is a heat of religious discussions. In my usual life, people don’t like saying good bye to me. They love my presence. There was time four newspaper producers were contesting to have my articles in their various newspapers. For ten years, I was a columnist at two widely known newspapers in the Niger Delta area. A person feared by people can’t be so appreciated.


Do you possess some supernatural powers to make strange things happen?


It depends on what you term as supernatural powers. All creatures have supernatural powers because they belong to YAHWEH but diversified in various elements or creatures. If you are

referring to spiritual gifts like healing, vision, prophecy etc, then I think that by Yahweh’s benevolence, I posses some of the gifts. I can hear voices and see visions but I use the talents as I was taught by Prophet Yahmarabhi. I am more of a teacher than being seer and prophet. When something is revealed to me, I will communicate such to the prophetic body of my assembly for onward justice. If am shown something about myself, my family or a consultant, I am trained to handle the issue right in the spiritual state. I can’t wait to inform the person involved. Things you can’t handle in spirit can’t be settled when they manifest in the physical. But if there are messages to give to any person, we do such through counseling or preaching. We are not known for

“see for me” practices.


Does this mean that some people consult you for spiritual healings?


I am sent by YAHWEH to announce of the manifested Comforter/Prophet Yahmarabhi. I am not here to make myself an Oracle Shrine for consultations. All I teach are the truths handed unto me by YAHWEH as done by all major Prophets, Messiah and Apostles. We are a lingered linage of fraternal divine messengers on earth. We have existed and performed through many ages past. Our enemies are the principalities that afflict the earth and its inhabitants. I didn’t come to be consulted for people’s personal problems but to teach on how to realize Yahweh’s


Many seers spoke about my mission here on earth even more than a century before my

birth. It was revealed strongly in the days of my great grandfather Nze Duruekwombaba. He was the bearer of Odu Duruodu, the Royal Priestly King of Ibele and a highly mystic person. In his dream, he saw great delusions advancing towards him and his throne. When he woke up, he was worried by the dream; he went to a far away land to consult a power seer for explanations.



And what happened thereafter?


The seer told him that there was indeed a great calamity before his family and throne but his wife was pregnant. According to the seer, the child of the pregnancy will be a male and he would have all answers to the calamities. When the child was eventually delivered of, he was a son as the seer predicted. The joy of the new child and destiny shouldered on him provoked my Great Grand Father to leap up for joy and was continuously shouting “Okomuuoo!! Okomuuoo!!” — An expression of Hurrah. He named the child Okoh.



Who is Okoh? Is it you?


Okoh was my grandfather who was survived by only son named Mmadu. And Mmadu married

two wives and still gave birth to only one son being me. I am that child in the prediction. When Nze Duruekwombaba joined his ancestors, his first son Nze Duruanyanwu succeeded him but Okoh was with his spiritual powers and gifts.


So what was the predicted calamity?

The predicted impending calamity was the coming of European civilization and governance on Ibele. As Nze Duruanyanwu was on the throne, Douglas the D.O of Owerri Division passed through Ibele after visiting Umunoha to inspect the destroyed Igwekala Shrine by the then British Forces. In Ibele, he gave out the first warrant staff that changed the leadership style of the people. The British rule brought Christianity that I am exposing right now.



Let me take you back a little sir. Who is Comforter/Prophet Yahmarabhi? Is he the

same person as Jesus Christ


No, the person you refer to as Jesus Christ as accounted in the Bible is Yahoshea Meshiyach. Prophet Yahmarabhi is the revealed Comforter as promised by Yahoshea Meshiyach. The true name of our saviour is Yahoshea meaning “Salvation of Yahweh”, Meshiyach is his title eaning “Anointed One”. The name YAHWEH is the true personal name of our creator. Yah is short form of pronouncing Yahweh. Yahmarabhi is a Nigerian Comforter Claimant. The name means “Begotten of Yahweh” and can be enumerated as- Yah being YAHWEH and Amarabhi meaning”Begotten” in Ogbia clan.



So who really sent you to liberate humanity?


My traditional name is Chukwuzitere meaning “Sent by Chukwu”. My father knows our creator as Chukwu. When I became a Yahoshean, I was taught that the real name of our maker is YAHWEH. In one fine day, without my thinking, I heard a voice asking me of my name. I

replied that I am Cosmos. The voice replied that my name is not Cosmos, I then asked, “what is my name?”. The voice told me to check my name in my baptismal card. I went home, checked into my baptismal card and as I read Cosmos, behold the voice replied that it is not Cosmos. I continued and read out Chukwuzitere, the voice repeated that “this is your name”.




What happened thereafter?

The voice continued and said, “I am the Creator, I am the one that sent you. But my real name is YAHWEH, henceforth; you shall be known as Yahwehzitere or shortened as Yahzitere.” YAHWEH is the one that sent me specifically to announce of his approved Comforter Yahmarabhi to the earth.



Are you the soul spiritual leader of any church?


No, I am a disciple of Prophet Yahmarabhi. That’s my calling and mission, to make the prophet known as done by Apostles of Yahoshea. As he finished his earthly assignments, he appointed some senior officers to compose “Council of the Mosts. I wasn’t even member of the Council. I

was only appointed as Secretary of Port Harcourt station of the Assembly. But knowing my worth in spirituality, he gave a special ordination like no one else. When he passed on, I saw myself doing strange things that even old members and senior officers couldn’t do.


Tell us some of the strange things you did.


For instance, I single handedly promoted the ministry in many newspaper publications. I wrote a follow up accounts to the Inspired Scriptures written by our master Yahmarabhi. My accounts are grouped as “Works of Disciples of Prophet Yahmarabhi”. It’s likened to the Biblical Acts of Apostles of Yahoshea. I made up many other books like “Mankind’s Search for Yahosheanism”, Hard Truth volume 1and 2, The Other Angle vol 1 and 2, etc. I have promoted the ministry in Social media outfits, established many websites and blogspot sites. I created Yahopedia and

I have been its Publisher/Editor General. Though I am not the Sole Spiritual Head but I have done all of these works via benevolence of YAHWEH.


Sir, listening to you speak carries a lot of wisdom, inspiration and philosophy. It is like

listening to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh or Joseph Hill of Culture who were all Rastafarians. Pls does this your religious movement have anything in common with Rastafarian movement?


Hahahaha, truly Rastafarianism and Yahosheanism have many things in common. Both groups

seek for emancipation of human minds from slavery and oppression. Both groups hate captivity of minds and hands. Both groups aspire to awaken black folks from slave mentality. They regard Zionism in their concepts and not according to Slave masters and academics. Yahosheanism is totally spiritual; it was established by an inspired Prophet while Rastafarianism was established through outlooks of a political leader Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. You know that spiritual truth awakes through prophets: not through politicians.


This is the area to be noted when comparing both movements. Rastas take Bible as their main authority while Yahosheans hold Holy Originally Inspired Scriptures (HOIS) as their primary authority. The Rastas reverence Jah while Yahosheans reverence Yah. Both honour Seventh Day Sabbath.




Are there some differences also?

One of the strong differences between the movements is the ways Rastas use drugs like marijuana and other strong liquor for inspiration. We are inspired by YAHWEH and his words.



Compared to Christianity as well, is there any similarity?


Yes, both sects believe in the manifested Hebrew Meshiyach, both believe in his activities and some of his Ecclesiology and eschatology. Their difference is more on backgrounds. Yahosheanism is having Hebrew background while Christianity is having Greek/Roman background. And you know that the savior is a Hebrew, not Greek or Roman.


As a top spiritual man, what do you see about Nigeria in the next four years and


Nigeria is great nation. Its programs are designed by YAHWEH. Revelations of such type

are not our interest. We are here to expose the spiritual riches buried within Nigeria. That’s about the Coming of the awaited Comforter in Nigeria.


In 1967, Nigerian/Biafra war erupted. Prophet Yahmarabhi was shown a vision where both Nigerian and Biafran representatives defended their claims in High Spiritual Council. After hearing from both sides, the council rose with the ruling in favour of One Nigeria. The council ordered the burning of Biafran flag to ashes. When Yahmarabhi taught this to his followers, Biafran soldiers at Degema came over to Abonnema and arrested the prophet when he was right

inside the alter preaching. They took him and the elders of the movement across the river. But something strange happened, as they were ferrying across the river…


What happened sir?

A cloud reacted, changed and suddenly an eclipse erupted in the area. Before they arrived at the Biafran Army barrack in Degema, the whole place has been covered by thick darkness. When the Biafran Army commander saw what happened, he ordered his men to convey the prophet and his men back to Abonnema. The war ended without victory for Biafra. In 1993, Prophet Yahmarabhi predicted that if Nigerians didn’t respond fast to embrace Yahosheanism, the nation would break into pieces as broken bottles.


Did the prediction come to pass?


Yes it did. In1995, Gen Abacha’s Constitutional Conference split Nigeria into six Geo Political Zones. Yahmarabhi said that the nation has started splitting. I looked upon the prediction of the Prophet to write out that Igbos need to work for actualization of South East nation than thinking of Biafra that includes South South area. Many IPOB members saw me as a trouble maker. ater, they began to see the position of South South leaders and populace. Recently, Asari Dokubo opened up with some of the feelings of South South people. The reactions of IPOB members on my comments made me to mind my calling. They made me know that I came to expose Yahosheanism and not to involve myself on religio/political predictions.



 You mentioned that there was an awaited comforter to Nigeria. Tell us more about

this Comforter.

Bible accounted that Yahoshea Meshiyach made a promise of sending Another Comforter to mankind. The comforter when arrives will remind his followers all he taught them and even what he hadn’t teach them. The Bible confused it’s readers that as Yahoshea left, he sent Holy Ghost with manifestation of Dove, Wind and Fire to the apostles. The question is, how can elements like Dove and Fire represent a Messiah that came in human form? All Prophets of old, Yahoshea and Apostles came as mortals, how can the Comforter alone amongst all divine messengers manifest as immortal? Where have the Dove and Wind been seen teaching as done by Yahoshea? The office of divine messengers has lingered and in each age, mortals are appointed. All Hebrew

prophets were humans. The claim of Immortal Comforter was a Hellenized thought. Based on this fact, Yahosheans do not believe of the immortal comforter.



What do you believe in then?


We believe the claim of Prophet Yahmarabhi as the promised comforter. We accept Yahmarabhi as the awaited comforter.


Before we end the interview, please answer this question as well.Will this world come to an end? If yes how?


The world is without an end. There will be renewal which will happen when all mankind has realized Yahweh’s consciousness as brought by Prophet Yahmarabhi the Comforter. It is the duty of the right Comforter to convince people of sin and righteousness. He is the only one to prepare the world for Yahweh’s Order. All we hear as New World Order or any human effort to reform the world will be met with frustrations.


Man can’t decide for YAHWEH over his world. He will decide all things through his sent forth persons. After realization of Yahweh’s consciousness to fullness, the Comforter will be crowned as the King of the Earthly Kingdom. By that era, sin, sufferings and death will be no more. All creatures will have realized the unity of creation and its purpose. The time may not be too far because the Comforter has already laid the foundation.


But the Bible and other holy books claim that the world will one day come to an

end. Why so?


These are misgivings of the olden corrupted scriptures. Even going by their position, there won’t be any end. According to them, after judgments, people will be separated into righteous for heaven and unrighteous for hellfire. It still indicates that all souls remain deathless. These are

fallacies, all souls came from YAHWEH and to him all will return. There won’t be any loss. All will pass through furnace of reformations and come out pure to inherit the earth.


The righteous will certainly inherit the earth so if the righteous will inherit the earth, who then will go to heaven when the righteous inherit the earth?












Heaven belongs to YAHWEH and all thereof. YAHWEH is not man that he will change his

ways or ideas. Yahweh’s original plan for earth is for its inhabitants to be obedient and righteous and hence enjoy the earth. Man left the track and choose his various ways. Yahweh’s plan is to restore man back to his original nature through the tutors of end time Comforter.


 Sir, what message do you have for the people of Umuaka?


My message and advice for people of Umuaka is for them to open their doors for the

truth because only the truth saves. I notice that materialism is holding Igbos down right now. Many people do many sorts of evil to acquire wealth. What will it profit a person after acquiring that wealth and sold out his/her conscience to evil spirits. Many of our people approach necromancers for wealth. It’s a fool’s game. I was trapped into such foolishness before I became a Yahoshean. Although, it was sickness that led me to necromancer. I became foolish to

listen to him when he diverted my interest into diabolic rituals for money making. He deceived me to make covenant with Njaba Goddess. The covenant was followed by series of sacrifices. At the end, he told me to prepare for the last sacrifice. Behold, the last sacrifice turned out that I should involve in human sacrifice.



Really? Did you oblige?


I quickly rejected the proposal and such brought defiance war between the dibia, Njaba Goddess and I. It took Yahweh’s intervention for me to survive in the spiritual battle.


This is highly interesting sir.


Yes it is. I here advice the people of Umuaka to resist those native doctors that propose uniting someone with Njaba, Iyiafor, Eziakwu, Ogwugwu etc. That journey ends in failure. Let everyone look upon YAHWEH for anything.



But at times these gods truly give them money. Are you aware of that?


Money made from ritualism doesn’t belong to you. You can’t decide on how to spend it

or even whom to benefit from it. It’s bad that you have a million in your save, your brother runs to you for #5000, to rush his sick child to hospital, you refuse giving him because the evil spirit that gave you the money told you not to spend the money to help people.


You are correct sir.

Likewise, let our people do away with occultism and cultism. These vices destroy people and set wars and strife amongst them. Finally, let our traditional fathers know the types of people they award chieftaincy titles to. Making evil people members of royal council helps to destroy communities fast. Our Christian people should also inspect what they believe and their pastors and bishops as well.

It is in the tradition of Umuaka Times to add fun to our reports. Pls tell us one funny thing that either happened to you or anything funny you either heard or know about Umuaka and her citizens


So many funny things have happened to me but let me share this one. I married from Amakor community. My in-law is a strong traditionalist and community leader while I am a devout servant of YAHWEH. Our religious difference often sparks argument between us. Every time, people use to gather at his Obi. Whence I arrive at his Obi, he will be using Igbo proverbs to gain favor from people against my presentations. As he will be releasing the proverbs, people will be responding to him enthusiastically. My responses appeared as I am a stranger in Igbo matters.


One day, I couldn’t bear the shyness of the whole drama, I told him something. I said, “My in-law, as you know how to befall me in arguments with Igbo proverbs, I will befall you with writing of Igbo proverbs”. Meaning, he will be speaking in proverbs while I will be writing proverbs. This drama provoked me to commence collection and writing of Igbo proverbs. As I am speaking now, I have arranged more than three thousand Igbo proverbs and arranged in three books as follows– (1) Igbo Proverbs (2) Igbo Proverbs in English Language (3) Igbo Proverbs with their Translations in English. The funny side of the story is that my in-law has used those jokes to sell his talent to me.


(General laughter…) Waow…there are no closed chapters; Umuaka Times will surely seek your views again. Thanks for your time sir.


Thank you so much, I wish you and all readers of these great paper Yahweh’s blessings.






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