July 18, 2024

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Chris Nwachukwu commends workers at Hilltop Primary School.

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US based attorney and multiple chieftaincy title holder, Chief Chris Nwachukwu has commended the state of work going on at Hilltop Primary School Uba Umuaka. Chief Nwachukwu made the commendation last week precisely on June 12 2024 during one of his official visits at the school which is undergoing aggressive reconstruction. While addressing the workers and the works committee members, Chief Nwachukwu expressed his heartfelt impressions over what has so far been achieved at the school by workers and the works committee.

On the issue of finances mapped out for the project, Umuaka Times reporters who were present during the visit inquired to know if the total money so far contributed was enough to fence the entire school premises and carry out the building reconstructions. Nwachukwu expressed deep optimism that the money so far contributed would be able to fence the entire school premises with some little millions remaining but the remains will not be able to start and complete the school renovation project.

When the reporters sought to know the next roadmap, Chief Nwachukwu hinted that there would be another round of donations by Uba indigenes. The attorney also dismissed some claims in certain quarters that the state government may be invited to assist the community. In his own views, he out rightly wondered why a whole almighty Uba community would seek external help to realize her project dream.

Meanwhile, a tour of the school compound by Umuaka Times really shows that the fencing of the 40 plots premises of Hilltop Primary School Uba Umuaka will soon be concluded as over 85 percent of the work has been successfully done.

The works committee members who were present during the visit thanked Dr Chris Nwachukwu for being the first and only son of the soil who has brought drinks to them in order to encourage them to work more.



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