July 18, 2024

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Pastor “heals” mad man in Afor Umuaka after long prayers.

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A popular mad man who according to market men and women at Afor Umuaka Modern Market was on Friday last week being Wednesday June 14, 2024 said to have been healed after an unpopular man of God strongly believed to be a native of Uba Umuaka prayed for him. The event took place at the market place where many people from Umuaka and beyond use to see the mad man at “work” for the last couple of years.

By the time Umuaka Times arrived at the scene of the deliverance and prayers, many people had gathered and the mad man was only dressed in a wrapper to cover his nakedness after he had been given a (spiritual) shower by the pastor. According to those who witnessed the scene, the mad man who is probably in his late 20s came to Umuaka as a child and he had been suffering from mental instability since his arrival in the community.

After the prayer session, the pastor asked the man some questions concerning his family backgrounds and he was said to have given correct answers. He disclosed to the pastor that he is a Catholic and mentioned the name of his community.

Some good Akalites who witnessed the event donated very costly new cloths including a set of slippers and a fez-cap. When he had put on the new cloths and the fez cap, onlookers shouted in appreciation and some even called him a “yahoo boy” in appreciation of his fresh look.

Some Akalites who also felt pity for the man whom they have known from his teenage years within the Afor Umuaka environs, went to a nearby local food vendor and got him a plate of food. Someone also gave him a bottle of coke as well. When he was done eating, the pastor took the boy and boarded a commercial motorcycle otherwise known as inaga in local parlance and went to the family house of the man to establish some facts and present the man to his family.

Efforts by Umuaka Times to interview the unpopular young pastor proved abortive as he tried his best to convince Umuaka Times to reschedule the interview on another day.

For now, there is a general suspicion that the mad man had been healed by the power of the Holy Spirit but some Akalites who engaged in side talks during the healing process did not believe that the mad man is now free. According to them, there is a need to watch the man for at least one month to see his new or old behaviour before a conclusion will be made on his mental health.




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