October 17, 2021

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Dr Ken Nnaka set to award scholarships to law students in Umuaka.

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In January 2020, Dr Kenneth Nnaka promised to take care of any Akalite who gains admission to read law in any public university in Nigeria for his or her first year financial transactions. Close to 2 years down the lane, no one has ever come for the scholarship and Dr Nnaka is very angry over this development.

Last week, he approached Umuaka Times to reproduce the story so that many who did not read the story last year when it was published would read it this time around. Umuaka Times hereby reproduces the story below.


US based attorney, Dr Kenneth Nnaka  has rolled out his charity program which will benefit matriculating law students of Umuaka origin from weak financial backgrounds. Dr Nnaka who has interest in investing in and promoting human capital development programs in Umuaka and the entire Njabab LGA, invited Umuaka Times to his beautiful Garden of Achaville country home in Achara community, where he held a closed door meeting with the newspaper and explained all about his program. From January  2020, according to the terms of the program contained in the press statement made available to Umuaka Times, Dr  Nnaka, who is a graduate of Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.,  is bound to award a scholarships covering  the entire 100 level period to any Akalite who gains admission in any public Nigerian university to read law. The conditions for the scholarship are as follows:


  1. The matriculating student must come from a poor family.
  2. The matriculating student must be an Akalite.
  3. The matriculating student must have passed his JAMB and post-JAMB and gained admission in any public Nigerian university to read law.

The charity program of Dr Ken Nnaka also has some exceptions and clauses such as those that are not permitted to apply for the scholarship. Those who are law students outside Nigeria are not included in this program. So too are those who are not from poor families and those already reading law. Students from private universities are not included as well.

At the end of the closed door meeting with Umuaka Times, Dr Nnaka urged Umuaka Times to publish the charity program and share it on all relevant social media outlets for all the people in Umuaka to read and encourage the suitably qualified Akalites to apply for the scholarship as at the right time.

When Umuaka Times asked him what made him embark on this type of charity, he told the newspaper that he came up to do this for two reasons. First, to encourage students from poor backgrounds to become prominent in life and to help build a class of lawyers in the community who will also build other lawyers. Dr Nnaka finally used the opportunity to ask other Akalites from other professions to emulate this special charity program in order  to fight poverty and develop the community.



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