August 5, 2021

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Education isn’t a Scam. By John Mirian Chibuzor.

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“Education supersedes all.”

Dear motorcycle boys,

This piece of information is to educate you more and also fine-tune your  mindset about the benefits of education. One would ask, what’s the meaning of education? According to Longman English Dictionary, education is the process or arts of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment also as facts, either formally or informally. Personally, I see education as an ocean of knowledge with compassion and zeal to be bright.

Back to my appeal, a lot of youngsters in Umuaka Municipal Council do see education as a scam, while others see it as a mere building involving an individual who is a teacher and a set of people known as students in different shapes of buildings. While some see it as a none necessity meaning it’s not important but they fail to understand that education is essential in every human day to day activity. Education or knowledge imparting is not about reading and writing it also involves skill acquisitions too.

Reasons for everyone to acquire education:

  1. with education, one will be able to defend his or herself publicly this might be through speaking (dialogue or communication) or through skills which he or she has already acquired.
  2. One with education can simply understand or get accurate information without being deformed…Education conquers all indeed….

Motorcycle boys, do you know you can actually produce or be an inventor of that motorcycle you are mutilating even at the expense of your education and detriment of your health when you’re on speed? All I’m trying to say is “all road leads to education.” Have you really sat down to ask yourselves how long will you ride motorcycles before they fade away?

When one is properly educated, he or she can be an inventor and even a producer of what he so much desires for people’s use. With education and research, you can also reshape and  rebrand that same motorcycle to any design of your choice and move further to discover more enticing things that would be important and beneficial to humans. This move a lone will instantly make you a famous billionaire. Let me narrow it down to the life of our locality.

A life worthy of emulation, the life of our own brother, uncle, father, who was once a young boy like you guys, is a case in point here. He also passed through this young adulthood enthusiasm you are all misusing today but his love for education made him a great man that he is and we all admire today. His great passion for education helped him to conquer that teenage dangerous fantasy that  youngsters see as a lifetime enjoyment in Umuaka today.

The young man in question is currently the overseer of so many government establishments, a role model and currently the king of a great kingdom. Who is this icon one may ask? It is no other person than HRM Eze Barrister Justin Uzoma Ezeala, the Ezenwanne 1 of Obinwanne kingdom.

Let me tell you one secret. You also can be greater than he is today my dearest youngsters, all you have to do is drop that motorcycle for now and embrace education. Trust me, you will be greater than what you imagined. rmember, he who says education is expensive should try illiteracy and ignorance. Trust me, ignorance is an unending disastrous trip to nowhere.

There’s a term known as pedagogy and andragogy which literary means either you learn from me or I learn from you. The influential people are where they are today, because of their determination towards achieving their goals, though they might not be educated, but they got engaged into something profitable which could be skill acquisition and business.

“Education is power, education paves ways, education na oga kpatakpata. Know education and know wealth.

Motorcycle boys, I appeal to you to embrace education because it is not a scam.

Ambassador. John Mirian Chibuzor

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