February 3, 2023

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Emma Nwanyanwu picks double chieftaincy title from Ihite Uboma.

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Youthful and European based Akalite, Mr Emmanuel C. Nwanyanwu has bagged a chieftaincy title as the Ozuomee 1 of Uzinaomi. From the fillers Umuaka Times gathered a couple of days ago, Nwanyanwu who is now High Chief Emma Nwanyanwu, the Ozuomee 1 of Uzinaomi was bestowed with the chieftaincy title on December 30th 2022 by HRM, Eze A. Romanus Obasi Uwanawanti, the Uzi the Second of Uzinaomi of Ihite Uboma LGA Imo State. High Chief Nwanyanwu who went with an entourage of his friends and relations, confirmed to Umuaka Times that his wife also received her own chieftaincy title as Lolo Dimalu 1 of Uzinaomi.

On how he came about the Ozuomee chieftaincy name, High Chief Nwanyanwu told Umuaka Times that the name was what his friends used to jokingly address him as anytime they gathered together in any social event. According to him, “I developed interest in the name and came to like it so much. When the time for the chieftaincy honour came, I decided to take the name.”

As a person who married from Uzinaomi and his in-laws developed a deep love and admiration for him, 30th December 2022 was a day of double honour for the Isiozi-Akah son of the soil as he was also bestowed with yet another chieftaincy title of Ezi Ogo 1 of Uzinaomi.

After the double coronation ceremony, the latest high chief in town had a brief interview with Umuaka Times. The Umuaka Times correspondent who monitored the event wanted to know from the high chief, if he was equal to the challenges and demands of a high chief in the Igbo traditional settings. He responded and confirmed thus: “Yes that is a good question. I am equal to the task by the special grace of God. I have been doing my best and will to do more by the special grace of God.” The event which took place at the royal palace of HRM Eze A. Romanus Obasi Uwanawanti, attracted a reasonable number of Akalites, especially titled men and women and some others who returned both from Europe and America.

The Uzinaomi indigenes who attended the event thanked God for providing such a gentle and easy going fellow to them as their in-law.



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