December 7, 2022

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Gloria Ngozi Akano to launch foundation later in the year

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Lagos based legal practitioner, social worker, philanthropist and the principal attorney, Akangloville Attorney (A&G), Barr (Ms) Gloria Ngozi Akanno has revealed her plans to launch her charity foundation later in the year 2022 in Umuaka. The lawyer who told Umuaka Times that the foundation has been on for the last few years also confirmed that the foundation has been carrying out some programs in Umuaka especially in Umuezeala Uba for the economically weak families.

“We are only covering Umuezela for now . But next year we are giving loans to the youths, still in Umuezela and scholarship for secondary school students too.”

When Umuaka Times tried to inquire the conditions for the loan, she further disclosed that the loans will be paid back in 12 months time without any interest.”

The purpose of the loans and scholarships according to what Umuaka Times further gathered from the Executive Director of the Justin Ozoma Akano Scheme, a foundation she named after her late dad, is to fully engage the youths to be productive and jettison crime.

As the preparations for the formal launching of the foundation are ongoing, 2022 promises to be a big year in Umuaka as many other foundations are coming up one after the other with different programs on poverty alleviation mechanism in Umuaka. Already Mr Ike Sure has been named as the program manager of the Justin Ozoma Akano Scheme. Recall that during te Coronavuris lockdown in 2020, the foundation shared heavy palliatives in Umuezeala Uba Umuaka.



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