December 3, 2023

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Goddy Iwuoha calls for the return of Oghu Mbano.

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The Chairman of Uba Umuaka Union in Lagos Mazi Godwin Iwuoha has called for the return of the special cultural festival of the 70s and 80s known as Oghu Mbano. Speaking with the Umuaka Times publisher mid last week on the need for cultural revivalism in Igboland, Iwuoha wondered why nobody has seen the need to champion the cause for the return the once famous Oghu Mbano which was a period of unity, talent display, celebration and an avenue for empowerment among the towns that took part in the event.

“If we return Oghu Mbano to the front burner, it will give us a good opportunity to create the unity and harmony among our people and other towns involved in the event, especially in these days of insecurity.”

Umuaka Times learnt from Iwuoha that the Oghu Mbano event was a joint Oghu dance  between Umuaka, Amurie, Amandugba and Ekwe communities. According to him, those who were organizing it then had all died and the younger generations are still passive enough in their thinking and social approach to re-invent it.

When Umuaka Times asked Mazi Iwuoha to give more reasons for the call to return the event, he said that among other reasons, the reasons for security and economic empowerment hold the centre stage for his call. “Are you aware that anyone who professionally video records the event and puts it in VCD template, will harvest a lot of economic benefits? At least the fellow will have to sell up to 10,000 copies of the VCD and you know what that means in monetary terms.”

In his final words, Iwuoha used the opportunity to appeal to Umuaka Times to make sure that the call for the return of Oghu Mbano is totally amplified so that it will get to many groups, individuals and all the oghu heads in the Mbano region.


1 thought on “Goddy Iwuoha calls for the return of Oghu Mbano.

  1. I heartily support Chief Iwuoha’s suggestion. Bring back Oghu Mbano. What a festival we could have!

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