November 29, 2021

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Goddy Iwuoha commends guests…describes Chidi as “special boy.”

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The elder brother of the newly wedded Chidi Iwuoha has described him as a “special boy.” While delivering his speech at the reception of the wedding, Mr Goddy Iwuoha told guests that Chidi, his younger brother means a lot to him starting from son, business partner, colleague to brother and a close confident who is honest to a fault. Iwuoha told the guests that he can testify that what his younger brother was doing was not a wedding but rather a Memorandum of Understanding MOU. “Someone who has lived with a woman for the past 17 years and above and finally took the woman to the alter shows that the woman in question has been tested OK. We are all here today as witnesses to that confirmation.”

Mr Godwin Iwuoha used the opportunity and extended his greetings to the Proactive Diamond Club of Nigeria, Old Umuaka National Union Lagos Branch and many others. He specifically thanked Mrs UK Mordi, the Logistics Manager of Evans PLC and other guests from GSK Nigeria.”It is my prayer that all the individuals and organizations who came here today will realize their life dreams and ambitions in Jesus name.” I salute all of you.”


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