December 7, 2022

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How Onwa Foundation is waxing strong on global map.

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Nwuke Onwa Orphanage Foundation, a nongovernmental organization founded by an illustrious Akalite from Amakor Autonomous Community, Chief Onwa Nwuke in 2020, is breaking new grounds on its roadmap to remaking the world. The foundation which started as an orphanage has gone beyond helping orphans to doing other social works in and outside Nigeria. As it stands today, the foundation provides humanitarian services and empowerment programs for the needy across several countries of the world.

The presence Onwa Foundation is felt in countries like Italy, South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Canada, Ghana, Togo Benin Republic and Nigeria the host country. In Nigeria also, the foundation is in all the 5 Igbo speaking states and beyond.

In a brief interview Umuaka Times had with the Executive Director of the foundation Chief, Nwuke Onwa, he confirmed to Umuaka Times that his foundation is breaking new grounds in many areas of life in other to assist, empower and build the capacity as many people as he can. In this year alone, the foundation has about 5 international conferences it will be a part of. Already the foundation has secured its registration and tax exempt papers in almost all the countries it operates.



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