August 16, 2022

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“Many drug users are inducted by their peers or friends.” Brainbox.

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Youthful politician, philanthropist, activist and lover of sports, Hon Obinna Brainbox Orgazi spoke with Umuaka Times correspondent in South Africa on how to fight the war on drug abuse in Umuaka.


 What do you think that gave rise to drug consumption among youths lately?

I think that there is a lot of factors that could be linked to that across Igboland but the return of some of our brothers who deal on drugs abroad tops the list. Before now, many Akalites and Nigerians considered  ‘the use of drugs’ a taboo but that is fast changing.

Any other reason?

Poor economic condition of parents cannot be ruled out since this has made many parents unable to meet their financial commitments towards their wards and as such have less say in their lives.

Where did the youths copy this from? Some have said home video and music videos?

Many drug users are inducted by their peers or friends while some others just go with trend.

Does the drug consumption in Imo State have any link to the high number of student prostitutes in Owerri?

There is a high rate of drug abuse amongst students in owerri and it’s link to the high rate of prostitution cannot be ruled out. There is no drug addict who cannot do anything to get a fix.

Some communities have gone as far as flogging both the sellers and the consumers. Do you support flogging as a means of rehabilitation?

I understand why people take to the flogging to serve as a deterrent to the addicts and sellers but that cannot be a lasting solution to the menace of drug abuse.

Do you suggest for Umuaka to open up communication channels with NDLEA over the rising wave of drug use?

I hope you know that these drugs are sold in our communities and we all know who the dealers are. The PGs and royal fathers should do more to confront those involved, expose them and their atrocities.

What do you suggest for Umuaka to do in order to ensure a drug free society?

I think that Umuaka should do whatever is required to tackle this menace, including but not limited to coordinating with the NDLEA. We should also talk to young people about the effect of drugs on lives and livelihoods.

Who do you blame for this ugly scenario?

The State, parents and drug dealers who put profits above lives.

Thanks a lot for your time.

You are welcome.


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