July 6, 2022

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Royal fathers, stakeholders, give Amiyi conditions to own UCH.

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Negotiations are still ongoing over the possession of Umuaka Community Hospital. Last week, royal fathers and some other stakeholders met in an undisclosed venue and continued deliberations on how best to manage Umuaka Community Hospital which has been in comatose for more than a decade. During the last week meeting which was attended by many stakeholders, Umuaka Times gathered that three proposals were presented to Amiyi Autonomous Community by the representatives of the remaining 9 autonomous communities to decide on one.

The first proposal gives the Amiyi Community the opportunity to buy the hospital, equip it and make it functional. The conditions attached to this first proposal stipulate that the Amiyi community has to submit a comprehensive roadmap on how it will equip and manage the hospital. After submitting the roadmap, Umuaka Municipal Council will then critically look into it and make amendments if necessary before endorsing it.

The second proposal is for Amiyi Community to off her hands from the hospital and let the whole Umuaka Municipal Council continue the reconstruction works Amiyi has already started at the hospital. This goes to stipulate that if by any possible means, Amiyi refuses to stop work at the hospital, the entire Umuaka Municipal Council will see that as a noble sacrifice and contribution Amiyi made in order to revamp the hospital for the benefit of humanity.

The third proposal which affects not only the Amiyi people is to put the hospital under a viable concession to anybody or a group that is willing to meet up with the conditions stipulated in the concession agreement. In the face of all the proposals made so far, Umuaka Municipal Council generally agreed that a professional estate management firm will first be invited to value and document the worth of the hospital. That Umuaka Times learnt will be a valid starting point.

In her response during the meeting, Amiyi community went on and maintained that it never forcefully took the hospital but it only tried to get it functional. Already, the community has set up a hospital committee that will direct the affairs of the negotiations and other issues related to the hospital.

Umuaka Times gathered that several people attended the meeting which was in response to the call made last week by Women’s Crisis Centre WCC, urging the royal fathers to include other stake holders in their meetings.



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